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Originally Posted by catside View Post

You are thrifting for charity

Warning: Spoiler! (Click to show)
Prize: I will donate $100 to your favorite charity ( with previously stated exceptions). Wes will match it if you beat him. If 20 people post results, Spoo will sweeten the deal. All donors have a right to refuse to charity you pointed for their personal reasons and ask another one. But in the end you get to choose. Sadly I can not compete but Wes and Spoo are eligible.

This is a scavenger hunt that anyone can participate in. You do not need to sign up but you need to report results to win. Check the quick rules below and go out a huntin'.

1. All the items below must be found in thrift shops. That means thrift, charity, church and other places. Consignment stores do not count, nor does full price retail environments.

2. You do not need to purchase the item in question, you must only take a picture of it and upload it here when complete (please see below for clarification on when to upload)

3. You must print the picture above and include it with your photo of the item. They must not be photoshopped and be in the same shot. For fun, please include the price tag.

4. Do NOT upload photos one by one if you check a few things off the list. You must only upload everything in one shot when you complete all the items on the list. Occasional teasers are permitted.

5. You have until October 6th 2013, midnight to find and post all the items on the list.

6.Each item is worth 1 point and each bonus point is worth 1. Whoever has the most points (get those bonus points!!), even if they don't have all the items will be the winner.

7. The competition is ruthless, very competitive, and pedantic. Make sure match the item or check with the ref if any doubts (me).
The List:

1.A Turkish bathrobe (i.e.towel), if Made in Turkey +1 bonus point
2.Exotic skin men’s shoe (lizard, snake, emu, shark etc). Proof necessary: either written or Spoo verified.
3.Made in England men’s shirt
4.Tartan men’s accessory or clothing. If you can identify the Scottish clan +1 bonus point. If you or your significant other’s last name is same with that clan +1 more bonus point.
5.Wind instrument- woodwinds, brass winds etc. If Yamaha +1 bonus point.
6.Any J.Press item.
7.A selvedge jean, men or women’s.
8.Thomas the Tank Engine locomotive, a wooden Gordon +1 bonus point
9.A real fur coat, or a coat with real fur accents- proof necessary-
10.Made in USA plaid, double breasted suit.
11.A corduroy three piece suit. If colors are close (all shades of brown etc), gathering three separate pieces is acceptable as long as in one shop/ i.e same photo.
12.Brass candle holder.
13.Made in England Dr. Marten.
14.Any Brioni , Canali, Isaia, Corneliani, Barbera, or Kiton item
15.Handknit cardigan –tag proof necessary-, Made in Iceland or Ireland +1 bonus point.
16.Polo Ralph Lauren topcoat. Purple Label, of course, is accepted and gets a bonus point. Lauren gets only half point i.e. -0.5 bonus.
17.Cigarette case.
18.Non-plastic music box (metallic, wooden, porcelain). If works, record it and get one bonus point.
19.Any teak furniture -see Frenchyfoundit-
20.Double monk men’s shoe.
21.Tie with sea critters print. A bowtie with same type of print is +1 bonus point. Whales 1+ bonus point.
22.Automatic watch, any gender.
23.Beer glass with a European beer name on.
24.Any stereo equipment with wood or wood appearance case.
25.Harris tweed jacket in plaid or stripes (no pure herringbone or pure pepper and salt pattern).
+1 Bonus point each for unfound items in the last round. A backscratcher, vintage straight razor, mirrored beer sign.

Let the games begin!!!

I'm back, and I'm in.

Probably won't find squat, but it'll be fun to do, and it'll get me to follow the thread again. Clearly I've been getting too much done in real life (why is it that I'm still so far behind?).

Er, by the way, where are the exceptions to acceptable charities? Didn't read back far enough to find them.
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Nice. If one more person signs we are good. Nondenominational charities are acceptable like Care, doctorswithout borders etc.
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I should have read the list a tad more carefully.  Now I have photos of two Harris Tweeds that do not have stripes or a plaid pattern.  On the plus side, two Harris Tweed sport coats at $.99 each.

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Sorry. biggrin.gif
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My leg is feeling much better today....good enough to head out for a lunch excursion...


Let the games begin!

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Time until Wes announces completion of scavenger hunt list: approx 6 hours.
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These obviously need no authentication


Whole cut panther skin men's shoes.



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Originally Posted by DanM View Post

Time until Wes announces completion of scavenger hunt list: approx 6 hours.


lol, like a boss

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23 competitors came out of closet so far. Hunters in closet hopefully exist.
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Originally Posted by capnwes View Post

These obviously need no authentication


Whole cut panther skin men's shoes.





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 This scavenger hunt seems tougher than the last one so far...


 One down, many to go. :brick:

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Currently at 4 myself. Thought I was up to six, then read the instructions closer.

Also, as I was checking over a shoe to determine animal of origin, a spider crawled out of it. Thrift carefully, gents.
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A shoe made of spider skin count as exotic, a shoe that spider crawls out not. biggrin.gif

I spied 9 myself. C'mon.
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If I ever find a shoe made of spider skin, I will quit thrifting - I want no confirmation that those eight-legged hell spawn can get that large.
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Let's just say I have more than anyone has reported so far.
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