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Thanks to Wes's brilliant suggestion, I'm ready.




Now all I need is a list of stuff to photograph.

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Originally Posted by MrDV View Post

I know I'm going to find a stupid cashmere scarf this week.


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Cmon cap, crank it out. I cant wait to get at look at this list.  biggrin.gif

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Still Waiting for at least 5 more, sent invite to Frenchy too.

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Annnnnd I'm down.

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Originally Posted by SomethingsFishy View Post

Annnnnd I'm down.

Alright! I know you will love it!

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Was hoping to have dropped the new list by midnight, but it seems we are still on temporary Brianpore time. 4 more contestants and I will release it. Hopefully sometime tomorrow morning.

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FaceofBoh is in! 3 More to start.....might just happen tonight.

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I'm in this time... I swear I will get farther than last time (printed out stuff, but never brought them in the stores).

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I'm in, 1/2 off at Savers tomorrow so post that thing tonight!

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i'll do it
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DING DING DING that's 15!


Posting shortly!

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THE RULES - Will be the same as round 3



OK guys, heres the deal. This is a scavenger hunt that anyone can participate in. Check the quick rules below and go out a huntin'.

1. All the items below must be found in thrift shops. That means thrift, charity, church and other places. Consignment stores do not count, nor does full price retail environments.

2. You do not need to purchase the item in question, you must only take a picture of it and upload it here when complete (please see below for clarification on when to upload)

3. You must print the picture above and include it with your photo of the item. They must not be photoshopped and be in the same shot. For fun, please include the price tag.

4. Do NOT upload photos one by one if you check a few things off the list. You must only upload everything in one shot when you complete all the items on the list. Occasional teasers are permitted.

5. You have until September 15 to find all the items on the list. 


6.Each item is worth 1 point and each bonus point is worth 1. Whoever has the most points (get those bonus points!!), even if they dont have all the items will be the winner.

Thats pretty much it - go out and hit the shops and whoever has the most points in total wins!

The prize - I'm giving a $20 Visa gift card to the winner. The winner's responsibility also comes with starting a new scavenger hunt with new items as well.


EDIT: If the winner finds all the items and also meets all the bonus criteria for the round, the prize will be a $50 Visa Gift Card!



THE LIST - Bigger and better than ever



  1. Canvas & Leather Bag (Bonus for Messenger Style)
  2. Pendleton Shirt
  3. A shirt with french cuffs, but not a tuxedo shirt.
  4. A Shoe Horn, for sale....not a NFS store piece. (Bonus for Brass)
  5. Jacket with Working Surgeon Cuffs.
  6. Shawl cardigan sweater
  7. Refillable cigar/cigarette lighter (Bonus for a table lighter)
  8. Two matching table lamps.
  9. Tweed Overcoat/Topcoat/Trench (Bonus for Harris Tweed)
  10. Suede Men's Shoes (Bonus for wingtips)
  11. Any Shell Cordovan, belt, wallet, watch band etc.
  12. A Club Collar Shirt
  13. Mirrored Beer Sign
  14. Sewing Machine (Bonus if it is built into its own table)
  15. Men's Woven Leather Sandals
  16. Cummerbund (Bonus for Solid Red)
  17. Vintage Folding Straight Razor
  18. A Trophy (Bonus for 1st place trophy)
  19. Self Tie Bow Tie (Bonus for Polka Dot)
  20. Yoga Ball or Yoga Mat
  21. Leather Gloves (Bonus for Thinsulate)
  22. Suspenders/Braces, button on style only (Bonus if Trafalgar LTD)
  23. Any piece or set from vintage Fisher Price Little People 
  24. Back Scratcher (Bonus if it is wooden)
  25. A piece of Anchor Hocking Fire King

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It absolutely kills me that I could walk around my house and photograph 18 of those items right now.

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