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Help on Clarks boots selection

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I want to buy black ankle boots for daily or frequent use in all seasons.
I commute to office on my motorbike, it's 9 km road almost full of dirt, traffic congestion an potholes during rains.
At work my dress code is always in denims paired with button down shirts. It is casual dress code, so many folks come in wearing sneakers, sandals and very few in leather shoes.

I came across these two boots from Clarks (www.clarks.in)

Montacute Lord: http://www.clarks.in/Products/Mens-Boots/Dark-Tan-Lea/Montacute-Lord/pid-1871083.aspx&pgctl=861785&cid=CU00067071

Goto Zip: http://www.clarks.in/Products/Mens-Boots/Dark-Tan-Lea/Goto-Zip/pid-1832737.aspx&pgctl=861785&cid=CU00067071

I have flat feet with lower instep and lower arches, looking for something with better fit too.

My earlier post went to classic menswear forum and I received just one reply, the senior SF member suggested to post the same in streetwear.

Hope to have guidance from fellow SF members from this forum.

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As a fellow flat footer, be aware of how wide the sole is at the arch area of the foot. Since you have a flat instep, you really want this area to be as wide as possible. You'll probably get a bulge either way, but its best to minimize it as much as possible.

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Thanks for your point Distorbiant.
I thought it will be good to have the arch area on the boot to be narrow so as to provide some arch support. Guess it's not the case. smile.gif
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I called up Clarks toll free number, and they said both the models are not delivered to any stores in my city. So only option is to order online. I was planning to visit a store to try both the models, which is now ruled out. frown.gif
Now I'm completely depending on suggestions and guidance from SF gurus. smile.gif
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No appreciation for Clarks brand on SF? frown.gif
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There's this thread. If you've been a member since '06, surely you realize the Clarks era has come and gone in Styleforum.
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