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Bespoke shoes from Koronya

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Hi Folks,

Some of you may remember Marcell of Koronya shoes. A bespoke shoe maker from Hungary? Well guess what Marcel lives in USA now. He travels to NY for bespoke arraignments. I met him in NY recently to evaluate the test model he made for me. The pictures of shoes are bellow. I wore these test shoes for a full day, they were on my feet 13 hours.. It felt wonderful I am looking forward to a final product.

If you are interested in bespoke shoes I would highly recommend that you get in touch with Marcell. He is knowledgeable and enjoys his work. This a great news for us in the United States because most of the bespoke makers are located in Europe and Asia. If you are considering bespoke shoes you should contact Marcell. Here is his contact info. and his blog

Please do not PM me about the price, price range, colors offered, how long does it take, lasts etc etc.

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interesting shape.


i like his blog and his tutorials.  wasn't he in the process of launching a rtw range as well?


interesting last.

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Yes he was, he is still working on that RTW range.
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I know they are not boots but they seem to cover not enough of your ankle from the side views.

And how strong are the shanks? They looked as if the waist had collapsed or really worn for trial shoes.

Maybe the toes box needs to be shortened a bit; the toe wear doesn't look as if they only been worn for 13 hours.

My 0.02c non professional opinion.
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Your observations are spot on and I had the similar concerns. These are trial shoes so the sole was cemented not stitched. I did wear them for more than 13 hours I also wore them occasionally at home and for the short walks in a front of the house. I also wore them through rain that was really fun with all leather heel. They stretched so much that towards the end of the day I had to change to thicker dress socks. I think this is due the construction.
Marcell assured me that final shoes will be sturdier.
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I know they are not boots but they seem to cover not enough of your ankle from the side views.

I kind of share chogall's concern and Marcell ought to re-visit the pattern, in particular the top line. The shoes might fit well, but visually they fall off the foot.

It looks in the photograph, there is still a great lot of space before the top line impacts on your ankle bone.(Top line too high and cutting into the ankle bone is a problem with bad fitting shoes.) So having the sides less scooped out and having the top of the shoe cover more of the (rather big) tongue, is likely to increase the visuals.
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