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Who makes the nicest shoes with a chisel toe?

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Dear all,


My taste in shoes has been leaning more and more towards the chisel toe. Some of the nicest I have seen are from Japanese bespoke makers but unfortunately I'm too far from Japan to have bespoke shoes made.


I recently wanted to have an Edward Green Shannon MTO on the 888 last but they refuse to make this combination!


So my question is who esle makes lace up boots with chisel toe and in general what are your recommendations for the nicest  RTW shoes with chisel toes?



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Vass will do more or less whatever you like with their U-last if you're into the whole squared-off toe thing, and they usually have a few RTW boots in the shop as well.
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Thanks, I'll have a closer look at what they do

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I would also take a look at St Crispin, not RTW but MTO's are typically completed within 8 to 10 weeks.

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Carmina Simpson or Armoury last..............should be chiseled enough for ya.
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Vass U and K last. Hard to come close to their quality at anywhere near their price point.
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Vass makes gorgeous shoes, but I'm afraid the symmetrical taper of their toe boxes would not fit me properly, unless they are much more elongated than the pictures I've seen would indicate. Though both are admittedly a step down in quality, I like the C&J 348 and the Carmina Simpson better - aesthetically and likely in terms of fit.
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Judging fit from photographs is highly speculative at best. Carmina Simpson doesn't fit me well at all (judging from trying on more than one pair). Rain works quite nicely. Vass U-last is a bit less spacious than the Rain in terms of width, but not as confining as the narrow Simpson.
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True, and I'll report back on fit once I finally try a pair. That said, I prefer the lasts I mentioned aesthetically and they fit great, so no loss if Vass doesn't work out.
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Personally I think the Anthony Cleverley line is as sleek and chiseled as one could ask for.
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Anthony Cleverley will make MTO boot. I also think they have the nicest chisel toe.
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