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Kiton and borrelli denim!

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Went to the local Barnes and Noble during lunch time to go over a few magazines, and the new Robb Report has a piece on premium denim featuring the new Kiton and Borrelli denim lines (in a plethora of those god awful Italian pastel colors). At least for Borrelli, they claim exclusive use of Japanese denim (the best?) and many construction details. Prices? close to $400. I'd hate to see those houses devolve into silly lifestyle brands.
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Are you kidding me? I'm guessing they will use at most 3 pleats on the jeans.
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You want to see ugly jeans, you should check out Brioni. These houses should stick to their strengths. If some rich fuddy duddy asks the salesguy at Kiton for jeans, he should be directed down the street to 45RPM or something - even more outrageous prices, but at least those jeans can be called proper jeans. Plus, they can experience the reverse discrimination that young, casually dressed guys get when they go into Vestiti or something. Just this time, the look they get will be "Ugh. Kiton suit, conservative tie. Looks like we've got us a dead fish here..."
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i'm anxious to see these jeans. i usually get a lot of designer, very high-end jeans from seal kay and SBU in my inventory, but i'm curious to see and feel kiton. i'm going to korshak in a few weeks so i'll ask them if they're gonna get any.
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I saw Borrelli jeans at their store in Naples last month - I didn't look too closely but the ones I saw were in fairly normal colors (blue, brown, etc.) and fairly conservative in styling.   The material didn't seem to be anything special, but I have no idea what Japanese denim feels like.  I believe they were priced around 200 Euro.
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I buy jeans from The GAP; 40-odd dollars each (when not on sale, which they rarely are), they barely fade with repeated washings, look good on almost anybody and can be found in a plethora of sizes. When I want to spend $400 on pants I buy dress trousers, not jeans. And I at one time thought that $215 Zegna jeans were a rip-off. Jon.
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Discostu, The Robb Report article mentioned SBU denim as well, and I actually liked the wash pictured there. What are their cuts like in terms of rise, leg shape, etc.? I assume they're beyond Diesel in terms of pricing, no? Bryce: in re Borrelli colors, I think the article mentioned something about them offering denim in the same palette as their sport jackets, so their clients can match (lilac jacket and fuchsia jeans anybody?) I'm sure they also have 'normal' jeans colors.
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