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Das Oneshirt - POLL INSIDE

Poll Results: Which collar for the Überhemd?

  • 20% (14)
  • 63% (43)
  • 16% (11)
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Das Überhemd.


Upon joining Styleforum recently I've come to hate pockets and plackets on non-casual shirts. Now I'm looking to replace some ten-ish shirts from my closet with a new business shirt design.


I'd very much like to hear some input on which collar pleases y'all the most.


All three collars have 95 mm (3,74 inch) collar points and a 45 mm (1,77 inch) high collar band in the back and close with two 14 Ligne buttons in the front:




Release the Kragen:


Green opens at an angle of 115 degrees...






 ...Orange at 106°...






...and lastly, Blue opens at 98°.






For the curious minded; the shirts will feature an unlined convertible cuff (cuff measurements with and without timepiece), gauntlet buttons, no placket, no pocket and side folds on the back.



Edmorel consider the mention of various Austrian coprophilic porn actors/actresses, performers and artists including but not limited to Veronika Moser officially forbidden.

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I've got to ask, how old are you? I mean, I'm young myself but my taste leans to the conservative, so I'd personally prefer the third option, but I'm pretty sure the spread collar is particularly trendy at the moment. 

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My choice is the orange, the green is too extreme, and the blue accentuates your tallness.

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I prefer the orange. Is Clapey like the German version foo.gif with CAD instead of photoshop?
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I like them all, but orange is probably the best OneCollar™ of the bunch. Green next, but I might go for blue if the points were long enough to tuck under the lapels.
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You have a long face so you should stay away from the blue one (narrowest). Can't go wrong with orange or green.

I personally have to stay away from ultra wide collars like the green one, due to my rounder face
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Hmm, I've heard this story somewhere... wink.gif
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The second or third for sure. Probably the second.
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Also, who's your shirt maker if I may ask out of curiosity?
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Definitely the Orange. Blue as the second pic.

The Green is the wide cutaway that most noobs think looks stylish (I count myself as a former member of this group), but flatters hardly anyone.
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Originally Posted by Grammaton Cleric View Post

but flatters hardly anyone.

It's meant for long faces
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W/o a doubt, orange.
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Another orange. Btw, I like plackets and pockets, fwiw.
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