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Bookster bankrupt

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Just received an email from Bookster stating that they are bankrupt and are closing their doors.

Also, they don't intend to refund the money I sent them for a suit.

For those who don't know of Bookster, they are a well known English purveyor of tweed clothing and cloth.

Web site here:

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thats really sad news. I brought my uniforms from there.
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Got the same email. I had been waiting for a pair of trousers since late January. I almost forgot about that. But last week(!) I asked and got the answer that the order would be on its way within the next two weeks. Not funny.

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Very sad news indeed.
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Originally Posted by add911_11 View Post

thats really sad news. I brought my uniforms from there.

Uniforms for what? I was not aware that they made uniforms.
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i found this forum as i was also let down by bookster but i have found the manufacturer www.bespokemears.com, spoke to a lovely lady lynne mears who has been really helpful and they are trying to help me although i wont get my money back i will get my jacket!!!

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many thanks Steve Rooney,


i have just contacted Mears and they could not of been more helpfull, i have to take it on the chin that i have lost my money via BACS payment to Bookster,, but hopefully i can get my suit from Mears , as in the past i have had a few suits from Bookster without any hassle and a quality product, but in saying that it seems that Bookster are not tailors but they simply advertise suits and get them made buy a third party. So i assume that the third party Mears have lost out big time also to the bankrupt Bookster like us all...

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no problem gdrgdr, yes you are right have been taken for a ride, like us all, feel very sorry for them, as they seem such nice people

will definitely be buying through them

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I managed to get my money back just in time but wil not be getting the suit I ordered 4 months ago for my wedding on 27th July. In fact, getting any suit at all in time will be quite an ask...

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Thanks for the info, Steve. I got my money back in December on a couple waistcoats after a long runaround with Bookster. I'd been relatively pleased with my few orders with them over the past few years. Assuming the fire story they gave me is true, it's a shame they couldn't pull through, but I'm glad to hear about Mears.
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So are you saying that Mears has been doing the tailoring for Bookster??


I had an overcoat and pair of trousers being made by Bookster!

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yes thats correct, give them a ring, although they havent got your money they might have your suit!!!

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I find it strange that so many 1-post-people pop up all of a sudden in order to bash Bookster...
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Meh, in this case I think it makes sense. People googling around about the Bookster bankruptcy and find these threads. Were it just random bitching, I'd definitely think something fishy was going on.

What I don't understand is people thinking they should get their money back. It's a bankruptcy, they *have no money*. Further, you are an unsecured creditor--you go *all the way* to the back of the line. That's how bankruptcy works. Sucks, but that's life.

Anyways, I'm glad folks are able to get their stuff from the tailor--that's about the best possible outcome here. Perhaps they can even ask the tailor to finish the clothes for them for a fee.
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^ or lurkers prompted to post.

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