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Advice on DJ

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First post. Apologies if I'm breaking any forum protocols. Buying my first tuxedo and could use some help deciding between these two. For reference, the first series of photos is Charles Tyrwhitt and the second is Hugo Boss 'Cary Grant'. I think I prefer the lower button and roped shoulder on the HB. Plus the fit on the waist is better. The CT fits the chest better though (and has better pants that fit perfectly). The CT lapels are grosgrain which I slightly prefer as well.



Incidentally, anyone looking for a sub-$1000 tuxedo with a slimmer cut and traditional styling (peak lapel, single button, ventless, jetted pocket etc.) these were the only two brands I could find that met the criteria. The CT pants also have side adjusters. Suit Supply is another option but their fit was way off for me and their lapels ridiculously wide. 






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Not better than either if those 2 models, but JAB makes a tuxedo in the $300 range.

Is the chest too tight on the HB? It's tough to fix this. Tweaking the waist is much easier to do. Where does the CT buttoning point fit relative to your natural waist?
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I tried on a few JAB jackets but the slimmer ones were around $1200.


The chest is a bit tighter than I would like on the HB. My chest is wider than the average guy for my waist size so I always end up with a tight chest to get the right waist size or a loose waist to get the right chest size. That's basically what's going on with these two jackets. (and also why I usually need to get suit separates as I'm a 7 to 8 inch drop).


The CT button is about 2.5 to 3 inches above the navel.

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I think the fit of the chest on the CT is better, but that buttoning point is way too high.

The JAB model is about 300 on sale (everything is almost always on sale at JAB). It likely won't fit you better than either of the above though.

I suppose if I had to pick one, it would be the HB
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The lapels look awful on both. Suggest start again,
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As in the design of the lapels? The width? The fabric? I think I've unfortunately tapped out of options in my price range I think so I don['t know if starting over will help. I've tried on jackets all over Manhattan. Any suggestions of other brands/stores to try?



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Paul Stuart.

1. May not be your style- I have one of their tuxes which is over forty years old. Not
worn a lot. Very Ivy design, but classical.It is never really out of style
2. May be out of your price range

I just checked the Paul Stuart website. I am not sure they still carry the single breasted classical tux,
or at least its' latest version, that they had within the past year.
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