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Most Versatile Trousers and Blazers

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I am in the (long) process of building a bespoke wardrobe. I would like to get maximum use out of my purchases and thus would like any opinions on what are the most versatile colors/cloth/styles for blazers and trousers before I go any further.

Also, what is the most versatile color/cloth/style for an odd vest?

Thanks in advance.
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Most versatile styles would be single breasted two or three button suits with notch lapels, maybe double breasted 4x1/6x2 (peak lapels of course).

Colours like navy, charcoal, midgrey in solids and/or with pinstripes/chalkstripes, solids could have small patterns like herringbone.

Odd trousers in different shades of grey.

My first bespoke suit would probably be a charcoal SB one Button with peak lapels, which can also be used as a stroller (this seems to get popular on styleforum) or a 4x1 double breasted grey chalkstripe (I always wanted to have this).
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Dark olive and shades of brown also work well for odd trousers.
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Tartan in whichever colors you prefer.
I'm actually sort of serious here. While for a suit wardrobe I'd suggest a judicious selection of classic chalkstripes, pinstripes, birdseye, nailhead, etc. I don't really see the point of bland odd jackets and trousers. There's so much wonderful cloth out there, so if you're going to go bespoke have some fun and get yourself some things people will remember.
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This is exactly what I did for my bespoke/mtm wardrobe.

The first thing I did was buy 7 pairs of pants. Charcoal, black (just joking manton!), mid-grey, chocolate brown, tan, white linen, navy nailhead, light grey.

The first sportsjackets I purchased were all plain and essentially various shades of blue.

The way to vary things is with shirt and tie. By going with plains for your first sportsjackets, you avoid people recognizing the same jacket over and over again. The jacket and pants are just a frame if you will.

When selecting fabrics, I always make sure that I have at least two matching pairs of trousers/shirts for each sportsjacket so that I don't have to repeat the same outfit every week. Of course, for some jackets just about all of my shirts match. Either way, I can now go weeks without the same combination.

It definitely makes sense to have a plan, otherwise you'll always be in a situation where you have clean clothes but nothing to wear.
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