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A.P.C. x Kanye


So uh, apparently APC is collaborating with Kanye West? Seriously? I’m a little flabbergasted, but, uhm, there you go – so here’s a thread to discuss this apparent, mind boggling pairing. Maybe Kanye’s contribution will be a pair of new standards with pictures of his face superimposed?


Fashion Reading


I like to read about fashion (StyleForum, duh), and this thread is a great resource to find academic articles and publications about fashion and aesthetics. Definitely worth a look. 


Another Spanish Shoe Brand


Spain is apparently a pretty popular place for shoes, and there’s another brand sparking interest – Yanko. Supposedly an offshoot of Carmina and Meermin (or, at least from the same family tree years and years ago), it’s another example of nice shoes. Cool!