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I'm afraid McGarrity's article proves something I've thought for quite some time, namely, that most women know little to nothing about men's clothing.
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Let's hope that Okafor doesn't read that article and think what he was wearing wasn't sharp. That would really be a shame.
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I'm late on this one, but I thought Okafor looked superb also. From the pic posted, the possible improvements would be to shorten the jacket sleeves a smidge to reveal a bit of shirt cuff, and also, IMO, his pocket square looks "too perfect". I hate to criticize something such as that, where the guy is at least making some effort... but I don't like that perfect 4 points-straight-up vertical-looks like it is plastered in place- kind of pocket square. I like 'em more nonchalant. But compared to some of the other guys at the draft, not to mention what you see in office buildings and airports, Okafor looked smashing. I do wish that I had caught the old school Karl Malone clip that Bryce referred to, that must have been hilarious.
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