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Shoe boxes

Poll Results: Do you keep your shoe boxes?

  • 72% (36)
  • 28% (14)
50 Total Votes  
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Do you keep them? These are strictly for shoes that are regularly worn and not intended for re-sale.
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Not usually, however for my new AE's, I'll be keeping it because it's an additional line of defense if the dog ever makes it into the walk-in...


Otherwise, I pitch them.

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I keep most.  No idea why.

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I keep all my shoe boxes. I have some AE shoes purchased in 1991 that are in the original box.

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Thought this was an interesting question to tally... also the reasons why to keep or not. decisions.gif I do keep the boxes but really thinking about getting rid of them.
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I smash them cruelly while wearing my crimson-collared chesterfield.
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Originally Posted by DocHolliday View Post

I smash them cruelly while wearing my crimson-collared chesterfield.

Which reminds me: the other day there was an ebay listing for a Church's shoe box (and bags iirc).
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Sometimes I'll stick 'em somewhere in case I need a box for some other purpose, but that counts as disposed of in my book. Why on earth would I keep them?
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No. Except when my son was younger and needed them to build forts for his Army men.
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Yes, but I probably will eventually throw them out if I ran out of space.
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Yes, if nothing else just for the future moment when I move... and need to safely transport my shoes.

In the mean time I keep my wife 'quiet' by sacrificing the occasional box I receive with a factory re-sole. She uses them for odds and ends.

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I keep the boxes. I guess there isn't a great reason to keep all of them, but I do use them to store out-of-rotation/season shoes. Perhaps the habit of keeping boxes comes from my other hobbies where keeping the packaging helps with storage and re-sale. Needless to say, I use up a lot of space in the house.
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The more shoes you have the better the boxes come in handy.

Get shoe racks, they stack nicely, 3 boxes ea rack, looks neater, than piles of shoes in shoe bags.

Easier to identify, by the model name on the end of box.
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