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Shoe Repair Central


Have your loafers seen better days? Are your chukkas wilting? Well, if your local cobbler isn’t up to snuff (and so few are), you can always send your shoes to New York’s B. Nelson – a long time StyleForum favorite that has been fixing up shoes better than new for years. 




I’ve featured a lot of small shoe brands in this space lately, and in that vein is Yuketen – probably the brand with the best moccasins and chukkas out there. They’re made in the US of A, they’re expensive (really expensive), and they’ve got tons of Japanese street cred – they’re great and beautiful. 


Designer Controversy


What do you think of the new Yves Saint Laurent, er, Saint Laurent ... Paris? Under Dior’s famous Heidi Slimane (who seems to perhaps not progressed enough for 2013), the brand still is attracting new fans. A good move, or a big flop? 


B&S Finds


Howard Yount Tropical Wool Pants, 50



Buttero Sneakers, 43