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Tuxedo trouser back pockets

Poll Results: Tuxedo trouser back pockets

  • 47% (9)
    No pockets
  • 26% (5)
    Pockets with no buttons
  • 0% (0)
    Pockets with satin buttons
  • 26% (5)
    Pockets with standard horn buttons
19 Total Votes  
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Perhaps irrelevant since no one will see your back trousers anyway, since you should always have your jacket on. 

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Kent, I say pockets with no buttons. There is something that I find a bit feminine about pants with no back pockets -- which is one reason why I have never tried Panta (which has one back pocket).
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Normally i prefer two back pockets; however, for a dinner suit, no pockets.
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If you don't have back pockets, you'll look like a chick. You'd might as well wear a thong underneath.

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I would prefer two pockets. Formal occasion or not, I'm still going to want my wallet and handkerchief where they normally are. And horn buttons or none- satin buttons wear way too quickly for that application.
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Formal trousers call for no pockets. Mine is in the work (should be completed before the end of the month) and have no back pockets and straight side pocket
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I don't even have pockets on my odd and suit trousers.
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I have tried both ways but always have my normal - two back pockets with buttons which I use - wallet (left) and handkerchief (right). Same in all trousers, I have none with only one.
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Having no back pockets just seems strange to me, so two standard pockets with horn buttons. Satin buttons on one's backside seem like they would be an absurd affectation.
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