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Double breasted cream linen weave

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Anyone aware of any brands that produced an off the peg cream linen db sportcoat as part of spring 2013? I missed out on one from polo and I'm in search. Don't want bespoke, since I want to wear this in Paris.

Under 2k.
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You called the SA in Mansion? I thought I saw it couple weeks ago (cream, not sure if it was linen). Check Paul Stuart and BB as well, sounds like something they might have, or SuitSupply...
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Yep, they can't find it. I'll check both of those. I've never tried Paul Stuart but bb never really works for me.
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What has wearing it in Paris to do with this?
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Time frame.
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Ah, I see.
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I realize you said BB doesn't really work for you, but they do have this in case you want to take a look (though it's a cotton / linen blend). I picked one of these up on sale last year and have gotten a decent amount of mileage out of it and a surprising amount of compliments (wish the lapels were a bit wider but not bad to fill a hole in the wardrobe until I get a MTM version).

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Jil Sander is probably what we usually have in mind, Barneys got a sale, so might worth a look if it's in stock (though the picture doesn't look that promising to be honest)...


edit: never mind, it has a "contrast" back, someone definitely got some brilliant idea...
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