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I have a pair of faded Levis that a friend gave to me a few years back. I just recently pulled them out of the closet and would like to know more about them. They're selvedge, have a red LEVIS tab, and hidden rivets on the back pockets. The back tag is torn off unfortunately. The inside Levis tag says they're a 31x32 but I'd say they're more of a 34x31. Theres also a tag that says: "Heavyweight Denim" and "H.D. Lee Company", this tag has them as a 34x32. I'm thinking they must be some sort of fakes.

Here are some pics of the tags and the jeans themselves....

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Sorry for the cross-post in the jeans thread, but I was wondering what you guys thought of the fit of my Levis; do you think they are too small?
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post #409 of 412 Lawrence Covell seems to have added to their Levi's Made & Crafted and Levi's Vintage Sale section recently. 1947, 54's and 1966's and others at heavy discounts.

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Anyone know of any good Canadian online shopping sites that sell levi's in size 28 in 511 or 513 on sale sometimes? All I have found is ssense so far, but they run out of stock often
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Swung by Lawrence Covell this week because of their clearance sale, thought I'd post to this thread as well since I had mentioned their LVC itemsĀ hereĀ before but their inventory of Levi's is all 50%-80% off now.

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I bought yesterday a levis 511 commuter indigo, but I noticed that the fit gets me something strange in the thigh because the pants were made for cyclists, I'm thinking about changing it by a 511 skateboarding.
The quality of the denim is the same? or commuter is superior? Anyone know?

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