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All about Levi's

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I recently discovered this site and I have become a little too preoccupied with it lately. I browsed through the entire "post your pics" section and saw some LVC, a few STFs and I think two pair of Skinners, and little else. Where's the love? Of the thousands of members, there has to be quite a few Levi's enthusiasts, right? I was into Levi's since I was a little kid. Lately I've come to look at jeans as more than something to keep you from being naked, and I've come to appreciate Levi's even more. If you can relate, let's talk. Better yet, show off your Levi's!
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wanna post some of your own? =]
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I'll get things started off: here's some Capital E Skinners I got at a Levi's outlet for $30 because they are missing the Capital E on the tag. They're unwashed and I've probably worn them 20-25x so far. The whiskering, unfortunately, came with the jeans, but it was quite miniscule and they happen to fall exactly where my natural whiskers crease, so hopefully the rest of my jeans will catch up in fade soon. They're not impressive yet but someday...
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here's a pair of 563s. They are low slim flair, which is basically the skinner with a different wash, cheaper design, etc... They were rinsed and I got them before I knew too much about denim, but regardless they've got about 6 straight months of wear and probably 6 washes. I think they have turned out alright so far...

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I don't have many pictures. I too am a Levi's afficianado.

I have several levi's western and dress shirts i've acquired at thrift stores.

I am also very fond of orange tab "saddleman" 517s. I have 2 pair, and both fit like a dream. I also like the newer pair of red tab 517's i have, they only come in the 0217 wash I believe, but they are still great jeans.

I've owned several of the non-traditional Levi's also. I had a pair of 527's in high school that were my daily jean. I got them from a thrift store my freshman year and wore them until the back pocket caught and snagged tearing a huge hole in the ass of them.

My favorite pair don't fit and are simply just part of my collection. I was able to find a pair of 503 Bxx's for 2 dollars this past december. here is a few pics :

one last one

they are non-repro, i've looked them over several times and found no care tags. I called 800-Usa-Levi and was told they were from before 71, but the person was unsure how old they were.

I sent several pictures to the woman who handles their archives, and apparently can date and give info for most Levi's products, she has yet to respond.

anyhow i love Levi's a lot. My most recently acquired pair are Redloop Drainpipe. They are raw selvage jeans, and I was able to pick them up for a mere 16$.

hooray Levis
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Airfrogusmc... you out there?
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Hey guys, Im looking into getting some good quality Levi's (not the ones at walmart) and would like to know where i can check some pairs out both online and in person. I dont like "slim" fitting jeans because i have big quads from working out and running and so id prefer either a regular fit or somewht loose. I have a 34 waist and 32-33 inseam. Any Ideas?
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LVC 505 or 1955 501 come to mind.
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I love Levi's, too. It's the only brand I currently wear.

Does anyone have the khaki or white 501's? How do you like them? I was thinking of getting one of those.
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Levi's is awesome for the money, but their more premium pairs arn't that great. Most people who spend alot've money on Levi's are collectors because there are better pairs for the same price.
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Where would be some places to get/look at some good quality Levi's?
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Originally Posted by theshonen8899 View Post
Levi's is awesome for the money, but their more premium pairs arn't that great. Most people who spend alot've money on Levi's are collectors because there are better pairs for the same price.
They're not awesome for the money. With very few exceptions, they're pretty fucking overpriced.
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I am able to find 501's for about $30 in local department stores. Is that overpriced? Or were you referring to the high-end Levi's (like Capital E)?
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I'm talking about Macy's Levi's for ~$40. Capital E and LVC are much better, but at their price point, I generally don't find them particuarly impressive compared to what else you can get.
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