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UK G is generally wide, which what your Burfords likely are. What width are you in Allen Edmonds?

MED width. I think the Burfords are "F" (UK).


Either way, I had a hard time with the AEs. If I went one size up or wide, my feet would float inside. Size 9 fitted me fine but the toe area in medium width killed my right foot ..tried breaking the boots in for over a month...did the 'stretch' trick with my local cobbler luck. Decided not to deal with the boot drama and flipped it on Ebay. Was actually surprised I sold it for almost what I paid (Nordstrom discounted price) ;-).


I've been wearing the Burford inside the house all evening (with socks) and it just feels right. Happy camper here.

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Hello All,

I was in London a few days ago, and went in the Loake shop in Princes Arcade for the first time. I have to say I was treated extremely well even though I was only trying on certain styles of lasts which my local stockist doesn't keep. I experienced superb customer service and learned a great deal. It means I can now order the Burford boot as well on the 024. Like others here, I don't find the 024 particularly long as is often suggested. I do find it a little bigger in volume, but it is certainly not worth dropping a half size for.
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I have also found that Loake's offer the best service in the Jermyn Street area. They are always busy, which is also a good sign. Tricker's, unfortunately, seem to offer the worst service. 

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I think Loake 1880 is a great choice 

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Loake 1880's certainly are a good choice. I have shoes more expensive, but no better, than these. They are comfortable, wear in nicely and look really good after a  polish. Much harder wearing than some dearer ones.

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I've decided on mahogany Strands for my next purchase.... going to order them next week ;)

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And I've been loving the Langdales too!


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The mahogany Strands are beautiful. :)

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Anyone have the Chester, or another 024 last shoe, in F?


How does it compare to the Capital or 026 in F?


Any thoughts on the Chester as my go to wingtip? Some pics I've seen make it look quite clunky.


The Buckingham was on the top of the list, but being closed laced I think is too formal for my needs.

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The Buckinghams are a light shoe and Chesters, having a double sole, are pretty heavy. The latter take more wearing in. I have tan Chesters, tan Buckinghams and mid brown Buckinghams. I also have burgundy Strands which, although made on the same last as the other two, are more comfortable. I wear all of them with jeans (but not all at the same time!) :) 

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Do you wear the same size Chesters as you do Buckinghams/Strands?

How does the fit compare?

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Yes, they are different sizes...but it's counter intuitive. My Chester's are 9s and my Bucks and Strands are 8/5. The Chester's are wider and a looser fit (although still very comfortable).  The Bucks feel a bit tight when I put them on but soon become comfortable and hug your feet more than the Chester's.  The Strand's are probably my most comfortable shoes (after my Tricker's Boughton's).

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Herring recommended to possibly go a half size down from 9.5f that I wear on the Aldwych (Capital Last) to 9f in the Chester. Sounds like that might make sense based on your last post.

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That's useful, Simply, thanks. All of the above shoes are very comfortable but each has it's own particular characteristics. I enjoy clunking along in my Chesters (they are great in the rain). The Buck's and Strand's are much more sleek and much lighter. You could probably tap dance in Buck's but you wouldn't attempt it in Chesters'. All of them are great shoes. 

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haha, me tap dancing would be a ridiculous site all on it's own... regardless of what shoe I'm wearing!


BUT, i can easily see myself with all 3 by the end of the year anyway...Chesters, Bucks and Strands,

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