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After my recent dive into Loake shoes after finding them on heavy discount, I did a bit of research about its Royal Warrant and history. I felt them and tried them firsthand, and as the general consensus on here, the 1880 and shoemaker lines are on par with Allen Edmonds, actually I feel like calling Loake the AE of English shoes.

And there are various threads popping up here and there doing comparisons, and asking questions about Loake, and it's not that convenient to look up, and I am sure there are heaps of Loake wearers out here on SF, rain in your shoe porn

here is a great film Loake done for themselves

and I will get the photos started with 4 pairs I got.

Ayr 2 black, Tweed 2 tan, Arundel 2 in black and brown

I have below listed the lasts for Loake's 1880 range, direct quoted from Pediwear's Loake brand manager Stephen Bentley, who is kind enough to write this upon my request for SF members:

THE CAPITAL LAST – Loake’s most straight forward last. We find that the majority of customers find that their regular size is quite adequate in this last shape and is thought of as quite true to size for those with what is considered to be an average width foot. Some may find that there is just a tiny bit of extra width and length but this is minimal and not worthy of adjusting your size for unless you have particularly narrow feet.

THE MAYFAIR LAST - This last shape can be very tricky to calculate for, with extra width at its widest point and a touch more length in comparison to the Capital last, some customers may need to reduce their normal size to compensate. These extra dimensions are given to account for the more acute taper from widest point to toe giving it a modern, sleek look. If the Capital fits you well then you should be o.k. with the Mayfair but if you find that it has a tiny bit of room and your feet are on the slender side a half size reduction would be recommended.

THE DUKE LAST - Listed as an E fitting you may think that this shoe is very narrow, not so! The shoe is only a touch on the narrow side and unless you have a slightly wider than average foot we feel that continuing with your regular size would be ok. We haven’t had any returns from customers with size issues for this last so can see no reason to assume otherwise. In comparison with the Capital last there is minimal difference.

THE 024 LAST – Shoes built on the 024 last are typically country styled wear, this means that the last is built slightly on the generous side. Traditionally this extra space was to allow for the wearing of thicker socks to take up the extra space, as most customers now wear thin to medium socks the excess room should be taken into consideration. A more slender foot will need a reduction in size by a half; we think that this may also be necessary for an average width foot.

THE 025 LAST – Predominantly used for loafer style footwear this last shape is on the snug side and firmly believe that a half size increase is needed to achieve a good fit. We would not recommend this particular last for people who have wider than normal feet.

THE 026 LAST – The thing to note about this last is that it is built in two width fittings as such styles built in the F fit will NOT fit the same as the G fit which is very important to know. The 026 in the F fit is quite comparable to the Capital with maybe a fraction more space in the toe due to a more traditional style; however we do not think this will cause a problem to the standard foot and your usual size should suffice. The G fit is built with a few millimetres more width, because of this and the toe room will make the last feel about half a size bigger than the F.

THE PENNINE LAST – This is a G fit last with a large rounded toe so unless you have a wide foot or intend to wear thick hiking socks then a half size reduction is highly recommended. You will find that most country style footwear is stereotypically designed in this way whether an F or G fit width.

THE LOAFER LAST – Is similar to the 025 in shape but find there to be a little more space, long and slightly narrow you may find the last to be quite snug but bear in mind that loafer style footwear does stretch a little. Like the Mayfair last this one is a little tricky and we feel it is border-line to whether an increase in size would be needed. Our philosophy though is when in doubt go bigger.

THE SWING LAST – Called the Swing due to the extreme curvature of the last it does seem to have a fair bit of space within the shoe. This generous fit is to cater for the curve of the shoe and keep it in proportion. Average width customers would be advised to take a half size smaller and it may not suit people with an overly narrow foot. On the flip side of this, customers who purchase wide fitting shoes and would normally take a G fit in Loake (or equivalent) your normal size should be suitable.

Full article on their news blog here: http://www.pediwear.co.uk/newsitem/60.php
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Is the insole made of leather?
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Pediwear is having its own Summer sale, for Loake 1880s, for anyone who wants to start their collection or want to add to it. biggrin.gif

Loake Selection
£35 Off the following Loake styles: Aldwych, Cannon, Chester, Kempton and Strand.

Exclusive Discount
We are offering up to £35 off the following products - just enter "cashshoe" in the discount promotion box when checking out.
Please note that this offer is not valid with any other offer or on sale items. Any free gifts will be removed from the basket before checkout. If you wish to order non promotional items which are eligible for free gifts or shoe club discount please make a separate order.
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Originally Posted by Petepan View Post

Is the insole made of leather?

full leather lining and insoles on the 1880 line, and the same for Shoemakers comfort line.
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I have the Aldwych, kempton (in suede), and the pimilco in dark brown. To me they represent a decent quality shoe without breaking the bank. Had them all for 3 to 4 years and still going strong.
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Nice, and an Aussie, Loake and Church's seem like the top brands we can get there, care to post some photos down the track? biggrin.gif
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Will do. I think I have some old photos of them new so will do some comparison shots.

I'm a kiwi not an aussie, living in the satorial wasteland of Perth.
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Found some on my neglected tumblr:

Kempton new:

Kempton 3 years on:

Aldwych in the company of C & J:

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Some nice shoes you have, excellent shine on Aldwych, what a stand out.
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Originally Posted by JohnsNotHere View Post

Found some on my neglected tumblr:

Aldwych in the company of C & J:

May I ask what lasts the C&Js are on? The shoe on the far right looks to be shaped very much like the Loakes. Since I can't see Loakes IRL, but I can see C&Js, it would help to know if there's a shoe I can take a gander at that's comparable in terms of shape.

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Both the C & J are on the 337. I take the same size on the aldwych (capital last) but the C & J are narrower with less room in the toe box.
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Originally Posted by wurger View Post

Some nice shoes you have, excellent shine on Aldwych, what a stand out.

Thanks mate, they do shine up well. To be honest the Crockett and Jones are a step up in quality as you'd expect at double the retail.
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Yes, Absolutely, I wear Alfred Sargents mainly, also double the price, but I sincerely believe Loake deserves an appreciation thread of itself, they are quality shoes at their price point.

I will also post up shoe comparisons down the track.
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Originally Posted by JohnsNotHere View Post

Both the C & J are on the 337. I take the same size on the aldwych (capital last) but the C & J are narrower with less room in the toe box.
Loake has recently launched the Duke last, E fitting in the 1880 line (most Loakes are F fitting). The Rotschild model on theis narrow last is very close to looking like the C&J Hallam.

I have the Cavendish apron split toe on the same last, bought them on sale at te weekend at their London store for £129 instead of £199. I have actually several 1880 that I use as my everyday shoes, but never paid retail for them, but between 90 and 135 GBP they represent good value.
I am wearing the Cavendish today, so here is a shot pre-wear
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From a previous SF post, 1880 Knightsbridge
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