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It finally happened

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When I returned from my last business trip, I was very happy to see that I had a box of suits/sportscoats awaiting my return. I had sent them off a couple months ago to get functional button holes added to the jackets. (Thanks to whoever recommended Atlanta Custom Clothiers, they did a great job.) Well, after I give my wife a fashion show (she did a great job of humoring me)I took them to the suit closet (empty bedroom.) What do I see, one of the suits is almost an exact match for one that I obtained since I sent them off. I haven't told my wife yet, as she is still annoyed at my shoe purchases in London and my tailoring bill. So the question is, what do you guys do to remember what you have in the closet? I am geek and carry a list of what DVD's I have in my car in case I am looking to buy a new DVD, can't quite do that with suits though.
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Consider yourself fortunate -- not only did you reconfirm that the suit is one you like, you will get to have that suit twice as long. I don't do anything special to remember, but then again my closet is pretty bare at the moment.
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I almost did the same thing earlier this summer.  Luckily, I was shopping at a store in town, so I didn't have to worry about shipping or anything.  While I was trying on suits, I found one that I loved.  I asked the store owner if I could take it home "on approval."  He had me fill out some information and let me have it for the afternoon.  When I got home, I looked through my closet and found my new suit's twin.  I took it back to the store, explained what happened, and looked around at some other options. So that's my suggestion.  Always ask the owner if you can take it home to compare it to what you already have.  At least, you can apply this to anything you buy in the store.  A little tougher to do via shipping.
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AHA. I'm the one who recommended Atlanta Custom Clothiers for the functional buttonholes. Glad you like them as much as I do. I've found I have 2 or 3 suits that are very similar in base color (charcoal grey), very similar stripes. I did that purposely, but I DID decide to scan the sleeves of my jackets and suits to keep in a book for when I go shopping, or to review on the computer desktop before buying something new.
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I catalog and take pictures of all my clothings (except under-garments), and they are saved on my memory stick so I can see them from my Sony Clie at all times. Ties/neckwears are the most difficult to remember. I buy duplicates all the times (I have an Attolini that looks exactly like a Battistoni, ended up giving to Thracozaag).
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Foxx and Andrew- was that Custom Clothing of Atlanta, owned by Al Kleber, or a different place?
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Foxx and Andrew- was that Custom Clothing of Atlanta, owned by Al Kleber, or a different place?
Not sure I dealt with Ron Katis. Its location is Barfield Road if memory serves.
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You've got it-- Custom Clothing of Atlanta, as listed in Steve's book. I've dealt with Ron Katis, who I found to be most helpful, and so recommended him to others here. Top Notch.
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I buy duplicate shirts all the time. I feel like such a bonehead going back to return them the next day. I need to get more orgnaized.
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