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with approaching fall in mind, if I had the necessary funds jil sander single stripe coat, 07 comme des garcons red checked coat, 06 margiela classic rider in gunmetal grey jil sander thick soled lace ups in black or anthracite navy pants (CDGH+?) always relaxed yohji pants - maybe a pair in wool gabardine and one in some cotton blend classic yohji white cotton shirt
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plaids/checks/tartans - heavy cotton, flannels
layering ts+henleys- closer to body, thicker (ditch the loose summer shite)
cardigans- heavier wool. different lengths, widths for layering. One black mockneck.
Jumpers. crewnecks. w/e. chunky. cable knit. fairisle.
combat boots
new apc ps's black
drk grey jeans
drk grey heavy chambray
wings+horns m65 jacket (too bad my credit is MAXED like a mawfucka)

quantity. my wardrobe right now is DEAD i gotta start all over (and just wait- next spring ill be doing same fackin thing).

thats what fall is looking like so far. just lot my deskjob though so buying clothes really isnt going to be easy. i could go on & on but i gotta take it down a notch this year. i work 9 bucks an hour now
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Grey denims
Loud socks
Some kind of medium-length grey or navy coat that works in the rain
Get a W+H hoodie, finally.
J Press button-down
Patterned scarf in grey
Maroon merino sweater of some sort.
Brown+blue pinstripe or check sport jacket if I have the money and one exists.
narrow Chinos

And I don't want to cut corners this year with H&M and such. I've cut corners all summer and now I have a closet full of f***ing H&M.
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Originally Posted by erbs View Post
Barbour A7 International Alden #8 Longwings That's about it for SW&D, but I really need to build my business/professional wardrobe.
I broke down and bought the International, so just the longwings I guess. And a KHAKI BEDFORD that someone should sell me (hint hint).
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a khaki trench and some interesting button downs.
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-ernest alexander bag, grey
-tanner belt, black/black
-the perfect fitting pair of khakis (been on the search for this for years)
-an electric blue cardigan of some sort
-a grey wool knit hat
-cheap drivers cap
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Moar chambray

Raw black, raw gray, raw light blue denim

Wool sk8-Hi's

WvG Peacoat

Couple more flannels

ToJ Varsity

Cardi's that don't fit awful

Half-zip sweater
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Nothing comes to mind I think I'm good.
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My next big purchase will be the IWC Portuguese with the blue alligator strap... hopefully in a few weeks!
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nothing, maybe a black turtleneck
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a leather jacket. been having the worst luck lately...julius moto leather i bought had a rip in it.... rick owens leather didnt fit right.. fuck.
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I want some white mountaineering stuff.
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Originally Posted by ToruOkada View Post
I want some white mountaineering stuff.

Holy shit, is this available anywhere in the states?
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Asia only
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Kicking Mule 1980 hand dye at Context... Mmmmm
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