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I saw the Givenchy suit in person actually. The fabric was pretty nice but I wasn't too impressed. There was some construction issues too. And of course, it's insanely expensive.
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I use ShopStyle to keep track of my wishlist, and anything that I can't bookmark on there I just save to my Amazon list. The main things right now are: Jack Spade Computer Field Bag - My coach messenger had to be replaced because the weight of my computer ripped the strap, and Now I'm afraid to carry it in the replacement bag A new pair of Taupe Desert Boots (my taupe ones are a half size too big and have stretched out, I need something to wear with my selvage that I don't mind getting indigo on) Navy Sebago Docksides - I like them more than Sperry's, and Everything I've read about them says they're much higher quality. Brown Penny Loafers, I think I'm gonna go with these BR ones, I'd go with something a bit nicer usually, but sizing is my biggest problem, as I wear a 7 in anything slip-on, and I don't like a bulge around the penny holder's seam like most have New Balance 574's - I wear Purcells and desert boots 90% of the time, and I just want something I can wear instead when the others don;t feel right but I still want something very casual. And finally, a red chambray shirt, I'm really liking this one from J. Crew, I'd get it hemmed though, I don't care for rounded tails on a shirt that I'm never going to tuck in.
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Aspirational stuff (more or less prioritized):

- ToJ BCDR, no quilting, in grey lamb
- Baracuta G35, red, size M (no chest logo)
- Cigar shell cordovan Alden Indys
edit: forgot CP Training Boots, probably in olive, size 44
- a decent winter jacket, although I need to figure out what I actually want (ergo I didn't even bother last winter)
- Jacket/sport coat casual enough to wear with jeans (I have some idea of what this would be, but I really have to see it in person/try it on)
- ROY slim cut in duck selvage (if he ever offers it)
- Ande Whall type-1 style jacket, once he gets things going again and if he offers it in black
- Levi's X Filson tin cloth trucker jacket, size L

Stuff I'll pick up basically whenever:

- Slim shorts, waist 30 (I had the perfect pair from Old Navy, of all places, but I ruined them)
- Slim wool pants in grey and tan, 30/34-ish (probably from Uniqlo, whenever I make it up to New York)
- New socks and underwear (again, probably Uniqlo)
- Allsaints Brandon hi-tops, whenever they restock the black ones
- Couple of u-neck t-shirts (Asos, maybe? Alt A stuff is too short and boxy for me)
- Maybe another AA henley or two
- Reigning Champ Recycled Fleece (navy), provided they keep making the same model

- Some kind of black lace-up work-type boots (less chunky than RWs) - Dayton Service Boots in charcoal nubuck
- Black monochrome canvas Chucks
- A couple of MTM sport shirts (probably cottonworks) - ended up getting Brooks Brothers Extra Slim Fits, just need to get back darts
- AA tri-blend baby rib cardigans
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jl #1
sir winstons
epicure 2
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Uncontrol, I thought you weren't going to be buying so much of that Japanese stuff after that last big package you got?
Originally Posted by sipang View Post
do you have a link to those skirt shorts ?
Atelier has two variations on their website. EDIT: I guess they're just plain ol' skirts.
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TOJ Baseball Jacket (can't decide on the color though) Better winter outerwear (maybe something down) SS Footwear (still not sure what though, maybe suede trickers wingtips?)
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WWM Shiprock Parka
WWM Trail Parka
EG Blue Floral Tab Collar
EG USN Pants in Navy
Yuketen footwear
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Originally Posted by sipang View Post
^ Ha, that subliminal skull shirt is next level. You should go for the Givenchy suit with the same pattern instead (no flares though).

do you have a link to those skirt shorts ?

You can see them on the ateliernewyork website. I saw them at the comme boutique though and they look amazing when worn.
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Originally Posted by Lel View Post
Suiting by Raf/Balenciaga/Lad Leather jacket by Toj/Rick Shoes by CP/Alden Knits by Jil/NdG I think that nailed that basic structure of a wardrobe I'd be content with buying everything else Uniqlo/J+/AllSaints with the occasional dope knit/outerwear by random brands (Nigel Cameraman, random knits by Schneider, Dries, Prorsum, etc). And I mean *everything* else, like cheap button downs, jeans, chinos, etc. Spending 100-200 on plain looking business dress isn't really fulfilling in anyway.
pretty much my shit to a T sans shoes (still hunting for a pair of white hi's and lows), possibly minus the suiting since I have no real need for it ATM and don't mind assembling formal shit from Uniqlo and H&M and +J or whatever else.
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EG Andover Jacket M
TOJ Baseball Jkt
Black Work Boots
Slim Blk Dress Slacks
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lot of stuff
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TOJ burgundy lamb BCDR. Doesn't exist but the mere thought of it is preventing me from settling for dark grey lamb.
All the stuff in my signature.
Julius waxed twist seam pant... if I can find a pair that will fit me. Don't care that it's redundant with stuff I have already.
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love my oatmeal sweats, i think they will be too short for you though
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DH 19cm UMC's or clawmarks clarks desert boots :P (I'm a poor college student )
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