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18th street, dc

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I hope this post doesn't get lost in the E+C section of the Forum, but here goes... Anyone been to the 18th St. Lounge in DC lately? Since a few years ago I had always wanted to go and see the famed home turf of Eric Hilton and Rob Garza. I had friends who had been, and claimed the dress code was strict and the place was expensive; as a POOR college student 2 hrs away I could afford neither the clothes nor the cover. I've since graduated, moved near the district and upgraded my wardrobe, but until today it had not occurred to me that maybe I should go now. Of course, the bloom could be off the place by now, I really don't know. Though I'm close, it would still be an effort to get dressed in the evening and go (I'm more a rock show guy than a club guy), and I thought maybe someone here would have aclue what it's like these days... Thanks in advance..
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I went to the ESL last summer.  In my opinion, it is a cool place to hang out, but overrated and overpriced.  Much of its mystique lies in the fact that it has no sign (the entrance is an unmarked door next to a mattress store).  The actual club consists of two floors above the mattress store, reached by a narrow stairway.  On the first floor is a lounge with a lot of comfy couches in the front and a deck in the back.  On the second floor is another lounge, usually with a DJ or a band. I don't remember if there is a dress code, but you would probably be better off not wearing jeans.  IIRC, the cover is $10 on the weekends and drinks are quite expensive.
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I agree. Very overrated. It tries to be the anti-lounge by not advertising. The people there are not fun, and its way too pretentious. There are much better lounges to go to in the area instead.
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alaaro, Thanks for the opinion; I would definitely like to check out other places around there and around DC that have similar music and a little class. Since I live just a little too far out of the city to casually explore, could you (or anyone else) give me a couple leads? Best regards
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Gazuza, Helix, Rouge, and Blue Room are all pretty fun loungy places that don't carry the snob factor that ESL (eighteenth st lounge) does. Let me know what you think.
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