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(Yet Another) Ball / Prom Outfit Advice

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Hi guys, 


I was wondering if you could give me your opinion on what I will be wearing to my school's ball / prom (it's not really a "black tie event" but must be formal). 




Is the blue / navy blazer and the grey trousers a bad combination? And is the trousers too long?  

 Also I am going to be wearing dark brown shoes (not black, unless that's better!) 


Thanks in advance! 

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The shoes from the picture are no good. Since this is an evening event, wear black shoes (just not the ones in the picture).

As for the pants, they are way too long. Make sure you pull them up all the way. If they are still too long, take them to a tailor. This is an easy fix.
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Is that jacket striped?
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As for the "blazer," it looks like an orphaned business suit jacket/vest. The pinstripes are the main reason. Odd jackets rarely come with vests or in pinstripes. Do you happen to have the matching pants?

I assume you already own this stuff? If you are set on wearing this, get the sleeves and pants shortened. Don't button the bottom button on either the jacket or the vest.
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It looks pretty dreadful, at least second hand and many years old.

The coat and waist coat are orphaned from a suit, the coat is far too short and looks as if burning would be a blessed relief.

The trousers are too long and simply not right for any so-=called evening formal event.

Just think what the photographs will say in 30 years time.

Surely you can do better? If it is "black tie" then why on earth are you not hiring and meeting the correct dress|?
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Sorry to be harsh, but this is clown-ish.  Not a blazer, half a three piece suit (that doesn't fit).


Consider: thrift stores, renting black tie,(*) buying a blazer from a reputable supplier as a longer term investment (as means and situation allow).


(*)  Unclear in the OP whether the dress code is 'black tie optional'?

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I hope you still have the matching pair of trousers. Wear the 3 piece suit and black shoes. Your gray ones are definitely too long. Don't button the last button on your jacket or waistcoat. And why is your jacket not straight  at the end?


Your tie knot is too large for the shirt collar, so you either need a shirt collar with more tie space or a tie with a smaller knot.

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Thanks for the suggestions / opinions, I really appreciate it! 


How about this suit instead? I will be getting it tailored - I am just concerned about the style this time. 


And black tie IS OPTIONAL (sorry I didn't make it clear before). 



If it is still ever so dreadful, I guess I will resort to renting a tux (hopefully not though!) 



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Better! Get the sleeves evened up and shortened (given the lines on the bricks at the shoulders and cuff, they look off), get the sides taken in on the jacket, and either lengthen the paints a bit on the hem or have these particular pants sit lower on the waist (they're a bit high on the foot). Maybe get the trousers taken in a bit. I personally like a slimmer fit on the jacket (including the full sleeves), but this is definitely better! Have fun at the event!

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The grey suit is ok, just shorten your left sleeve. Do NOT have the pants lengthened. They look perfect.

Black tie optional means wear black tie. Get a tux. From here:
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Don't be afraid to be the best dressed man in the room. Ever.
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Is the gray suit flannel?
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The suit is indeed better (in that it is coherent - jacket and trousers belong together, etc.).  But if it is black tie optional, then rent a tux.

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