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HELP! Suit Jacket Too Short? Advice on Length

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I recently bought a suit. I have 90 days to return it and am wondering if I should do so? My concern is whether or not the jacket is too short.

I thought nothing of it at the time - though I admit I am not all that knowledgable about suits, so perhaps this means nothing. At any rate, a friend of mine pointed out that it might be a bit short. Now I am having second thoughts.

The length of the jacket aside I like the suit and would for sure keep given the price paid.  But this detail (jacket length) has me uneasy.

Is it too short or not? I heard that suits these days are getting both slimmer and shorter as things start to lean this was as the "modern" look. This is okay with me. If my suit just happens to be more so on the "modern style" side of things I am okay with that. But I do not want to be walking around looking like a fool. Essentially, is the suit acceptable / could I wear this and not look dumb?

I feel as if the jacket is long enough from the front and sides but a bit short the back. This is just a gut feeling. Am I off base on this? Again, I do not know much about suits. It could just be my intuition kicking in as most shirts I own (e.g. polos, dress) shirts get a bit longer at the back.

Pictures are attached.




Back 1:

Back 2:

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Yes, it's. In my opinion, you should look at a different cut/brand, this one will need many alterations to fit well.

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Originally Posted by Victor Elfo View Post

Yes, it's. In my opinion, you should look at a different cut/brand, this one will need many alterations to fit well.

Thanks for the opinion. I will wait for others to chime in as well before returning it re: length, but what other altercations would be needed in your opinion? Just so I know what to look for next time?

Is there a sticky outlining rules/things to look for when trying on suits? I am in law school and going to be a lawyer. I will be wearing suits daily.... so I want to make sure I get it right. :O

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Yes, it is hideous and a generally poor fit. Try another cut.
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I am still learning myself but I think this has more issues than being too short (which is a touch). 

The pants in particular look like they need a lot of tailoring everywhere

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How do I know what cut looks good on me.... what exactly do I look for? I appreciate all the criticism but if you fellas could also describe WHY it is poor / where it is poor / etc that would be even more helpful than simply saying the fit is poor! :) Although saying this in and of itself is still helpful haha - I will return it.

Length wise: how bad is it? Do I need to go a lot longer on my next one or will say an inch do it? Just so I know what the right length should "feel" like on the body,

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Is this going to be your primary "all occasion" suit? If so, you may want to consider seriously a different color. A charcoal (i.e. much darker grey) or navy suit will be much more versatile because it is more conservative and, therefore, more appropriate for evening weddings, job interviews, funerals, testifying before congress, etc. You can always dress down a more formal suit (at least a little bit), but it is hard to dress up a less formal suit. Although you will see many guys showing up to job interviews or funerals in light grey suits, it is not the best choice. In all, this color would be best for a guy who is buying his 3rd or 4th suit, not his primary one. If this is you, disregard everything I said!

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We normally say that a standard length for a suit jacket should end level with your knuckles when your hand is resting by your side. Of course that's only a guide and some like them shorter and some (like me) prefer them slightly longer.


Looking at the pics I'd suggest your arms are slightly shorter in proportion to your body them most hence the issue with both the jacket and sleeve length. That suit is going to need significant alterations to fit properly which is something you might find with all off the rack fittings considering your body proportions. Your choices in buying off the rack may be to either accept the fact that whatever suit you buy is going to need to be altered a fair bit or keep trying different brands until you find something that at least is a closer fit. Alternatively you may need to consider a MTM suit.

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Yes I think it is a little too short. The classic look is to have the jacket cover your butt. The modern look is a bit shorter than that but modern is also slim cut which this suit is not.


This suit does look bad like people are saying. The cut just looks full and sloppy. The pants look like you dropped a duece in them from the front. Look at the area around the crotch and inner thigh. There is too much loose fabric gathering there. I would say return that and look for a better maker of suit.

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Thanks to all those that replied.

In order to get a suit that fits just right, is it possible to buy off the rack and simply get that suit tailored? Or will I have to go for a made-to-measure (MTM) suit? I would love the latter but do not know if it is in my budget sadly...

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With the important caveat that I am not a tailor and these things are difficult to discern from pictures, this jacket looks to me to be both short overall and to have a short front balance.

Notice in the side picture how the back is longer than the front, which curves up awkwardly. I would recommend just looking for a different cut entirely.
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Getting a MTM is definitely not a sufficient condition, and likely not a necessary condition, for getting a decent fitting suit. First just go to a dept store that carries a few brands you can afford and try on as many as you can. Try to get the jacket length, shoulder width, buttoning point, front/back balance, and collar fit as good as you can. Don't worry about sleeve length, that is an easy and cheap alteration unless functional buttonholes have already been cut, which at your price range would be rare to nonexistent.
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