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Help! Moocher D-bag buddy trying to welch on bachelor party commitment

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So I'm getting married in a month, and a bunch of my bros and I have been planning our Vegas trip for my bach party for, like, months. Problem is, one of my douchebag friends (he's in my wedding party no less) is trying to puss out. He's not even really my buddy - he's my stepdad's son, we never grew up together, but my mom insists I include him in everything since he's moved to NYC from the shit town where we're from. I'm supposed to "take him under my wing."

Well, he's claiming poverty. It's not my fault he's a fucking paralegal... maybe if he'd spent more time with the books and less time with the bong he wouldn't have washed out of law school. Besides, I see the clothes he wears; he's always on some gay-ass internet site talking about expensive watches and shit. I've been buying his lapdances and RBVs for years and he never pays me back; I'm even taking a huge haircut to pay most of his expenses for this trip. If his bag-of-dicks father is any indication, he's probably got something stashed away for his 420 fund, but never seems to reach for the check at Rick's.

I have a killer weekend planned; VIP bottle service at XS, cabanas poolside at Encore, Smith & Wollensky's for filets, slammin Jaeger bombs, gonna get our balls rubbed at the spa. He's probably gonna get his dick sucked by some plastic bitches just for hanging around with us in spite of his scruffy ass. (not even sure he's into that, i suspect he has a thing for dudes) Me and my bros are all putting in like $5 large a head but I only asked him to pay $1000, I'm picking up the rest of his tab (no big for me, my bonus last year was seven figs), but the fucker has the stones to come back at me asking if he can just pay $500.

Now what would you do with a douchebag like that?
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judging from your description of him, i am willing to bet your dbag friend is a SF member.

given his proclivities for dudes, are you willing to front the money and have him pay you back in BJ's?
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dude, i'm not gay. if you said that to my face i would beat the fuck out of you.
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Wow, $5k a head for the rest of the guys? I hope you didn't ask for that setup, even if they have the cash.

Regarding the other guy that you seem to hate so much, if you're such a tough guy, sack up and tell him to pay full freight ($5K) or not go.

Also if you got paid last year, why do you care about the 5 hunj delta in the first place?
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dude, it's the principal of the thing, but with a face like that it's no wonder you don't understand.
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ha, you think that's my face...

well the answer is right in front of you. be a grown-up and pick your own friends. ones that don't suck.
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sure, deny it now that i called you on it.
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I feel yuh, brah.
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Originally Posted by Douglas View Post

sure, deny it now that i called you on it.

I'm not familiar with you. The inconsistency of your extreme level of immaturity vs. your $1M+ bonus claim made me think that you might be a cocky 20-year-old punk completely bs'ing, so I checked some of your posts. It looks like you're mostly involved in dumb threads, but your post in "offer letter rescinded" looked cogent, so I'm puzzled.

Not calling you a liar, there are plenty of jackasses that make a lot of money.

Anyway, this picture is a mugshot I saw online that was part of a beavis-and-butthead pair, this one being the beavis. If you saw it in higher resolution you'd see scratches all over his face. It's hilarious. I wish I still had the butthead picture, but I had it saved on an older computer.
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somebody is gonna have to clue this ugly yuppie into the joke or i'm gonna have to go all buck hunter on his ass
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Is your original post true or a fabrication?
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ah, this thread is ruined.

unless that was yuppie's true intent, in which case that's pretty meta
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Apparently I'm dealing with crazy people.
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This has not worked out well for you.

Also, cabana in Vegas in July? You made out of asbestos?
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