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New borrelli shoes, size 11d, $350

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I have a pair of Borrelli oxfords for sale. I found them by happenstance for an excellent price, and to be frank am trying to flip them for some honeymoon spending cash. They are size 11 D. I measured the length from front to back and the outsole as 12.25". They are a D width, and I believe they will fit like an Alden D width. They are completely handmade and beautiful. They retailed for $1350 (the price sticker is still on the heel). I am going to put them up on Ebay and start the bidding at $350, but I thought I'd make an offer for that here first. I have taken pictures, but don't have them up yet. But I'll give a brief description to see if anyone is interested in more info. They are an oxford with a one eyelet closure. The leather is a beautiful dark brown. The leather is sturdy but soft -- they definitely need to be broken in though, because it is not a flimsy leather. It is though they made shoe using the leather you would use on your best leather sofa. Not quite antiqued, but absolutely natural looking -- will surely develop an amazing patina. They have a leather sole and combination heel. They are a welted shoe with a channel stitch. The leather covering the stitching is secured with "hand tacking" all the way around the sole of the shoe (quite cool -- I have never seen anything like it). They appear to be completely handmade. The styling is a bit hard to describe, so I'll wait for the pictures to do the talking. I'll just say that the shoes have some style to them. They aren't your plain captoes, you know. The do have a bit of Italian style to them. They could be worn with a suit, I think, but will be more suited to wear with sportswear. The Borrelli Napoli name is carved into the sole right near the heel -- a very cool thing indeed.
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Hey Johnnynorman3 (l wish your name wasn't so long): do Borelli offer both handmade and RTW? l bought a RTW pair recently for around $700 US [and my feet are still grimising with pain, and my toes are bright red and bruised from breaking them in]. $1,350 U.S??? Completely handmade??? Are you sure? Do Borrelli offer be-spoke and MTM suits?
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Would certainly be interested in at least seeing them. Might I venture the question, where did you find them?
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Marc37, the Borrelli website claims that their shoes are completely handmade.  If this is not correct, then I apologize.  However, from what I can see with my own eyes, I have little reason to doubt the website's claim.  However, I can call the Borrelli store and ask. By the way, were you asking whether I was sure about the price, the fact that they are handmade, or whether you could get a handmade pair of shoes for that price? Yes, I'm sure about the price (the sticker is still on the heel). Again, the handmade claim is based off research I did on the Borrelli site. As for whether handmade shoes should cost $1,350 -- I have no clue. I had never SEEN a shoe that cost this much before. As for whether Borrelli does bespoke shoes, I have absolutely no idea.  Ditto on that for suits. Shoreman, I will post pics later tonight hopefully (around 11 EST or so).  I found them on markdown at Filene's Basement.  Filene's had gotten a shipment of Borrelli a while ago and it included two pairs of shoes.  They appear to have been placed in the wrong section of the shoes, and I basically just tripped over them (not literally of course).  I go through the store on my way to the subway (the stop is literally at the back of the store), so I often keep my eye out for good deals for myself and others.  I imagine that because they were in the wrong section of the shoes (they were placed in the nonmarkdown section for size 13 and up -- a place where I can tell you nobody ventures because it is reserved for yachts).  My sense is that this is why nobody had snagged them yet.  I am not making a huge profit with the price I listed here, but I can tell you this -- the offer price is substantially less than Filene's original offer price.
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Let's see those photos, I most likely will be interested.
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You need to wait until I can get out of work tonight, HRHAndrew. That will most likely be at around 11 EST.
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You need to wait until I can get out of work tonight, HRHAndrew. That will most likely be at around 11 EST
That is why my wife is a retired lawyer.
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