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A good OCBD sewing pattern

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I am looking for a sewing pattern for a OCBD that looks good.  My wife sews as a hobby and said she would try to make one, and I am trying to get my mother (was a professional seamstress but stopped professionally over 15 years ago) to make me one as well.  This is just going to be an experiment and I am wondering if anyone else has sewed one before, or had a family member make them one.  I have checked out the "Shirtmaking" book by David Coffin but my wife would like to buy a pattern.


I found but I am not really certain (since I don't have any nice ones) what I should be looking for in just a nice classic OCBD (and what to avoid).


Thanks a ton!

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You may want to search the forum for threads about OCBDs - there are lots of posts about the roll of collars, fit in the torso, etc.

You may also want to pop over to Ask Andy.

One thing you may want to consider is either buying one (new or used, at a thrift store) and having her deconstruct it or take her shirt shopping with you and have her make notes while you try different styles/brands on.
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Thanks!  I think I will get one of the MTM shirts and then have her take it apart to get a good pattern.  I will certainly check out more info about roll of collars on the forms.  Thanks again!

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I think you are better off creating a pattern from a well fitting shirt ( try using the method suggested by the Book you own, or better still deconstruct ) .

Then you can copy the collar and collar band separately.
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