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Originally Posted by mp1472 View Post

o come on grey and black socks booOOOooooOOring check this thread http://www.styleforum.net/t/72565/rock-your-socks-show-your-sock-shoe-pant-combos
And how could you stand to wear br pants made out of various plastics ?? Get 100% wool dress slacks well worth the money and much more comfortable, they look nicer and breathe better than poly plastic pants.

Those zanella slacks I told you about are 295 retail I paid 93 bucks a piece for 3 pair a couple weeks ago. A steal for the fit/look/quality and there's tons and tons of socks there I think i'm paying like 7-8 bucks a pair for good quality socks.

anyway looks like you're on the right track so far,  you cant go wrong adding a lighter tan sport coat in the summer months.

Haha, I agree boring on the socks. Like I said in the original post, I had always tied to dress for style fashion, although not high quality stuff. So I tended to wear colored socks, stripes and patterns and would get comments on socks, shirts, shoes as woo check out those shoes or woo check out that shirt ECt.

That's why I'm just trying to build a business casual attire, that is versatile and interhanabe with some key standards that are good quality and an investment.

Once I have a good foundation, ill certainly start to add some flamboyant to it via lapel pins, colorful socks and such, but for now I'm going for no tie, nice shirt and sport coat look

Thanks for all the help and recommendations, I hope I can find those zanella or zegna pants fr 95.

Thanks everyone
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Originally Posted by David Reeves View Post

You will find whatever you wear someone wont like it, and especially in NYC conservative may even work against you. do what you feel is best.

There's also something to be said for being flamboyant I can think of my top spenders that are usually also fairly flamboyant dressers and they are all very successful. The frightened timid dressers never seem to have any power. Maybe standing out got them noticed or its a confidence thing? A lot of the junior bankers say they couldn't wear flashy clothes until they get the top jobs but I really don't think these people would make partner and then start wearing beautiful and stylish clothes anyway.

Dressing will get you noticed though, so you just have to be very good at what your doing, you have to back it up.

This i'm finding to be true.  I'm in the construction industry, and the guy who doesn't wear carhartt to a business meeting is often the one who ends up leading the meeting, whether he's the owner or a subcontractor.

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for "cheap" good quality dress socks, try the nordstrom house line.

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Originally Posted by red81 View Post

for "cheap" good quality dress socks, try the nordstrom house line.


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If you are working in a khaki's and polo shirt setting, it doesn't take too much to look great without being a show-off. Rather than something fancy, it is often how you wear it.

1) Focus on a good fit, nothing too baggy or too tight. Not every brand or cut will work for you. You may need to find other brands and a basic alterations tailor to look your best.
2) Keep your shoes shinned, your shirts and pants pressed.
3) Don't wear a beatup, belt. (I see this all the time. It really detracts from a look)

If you follow the above, I bet you will be way ahead of your peers.

Over time I would encourage you to look for better quality wool trousers on sale in tan. At first glance they look like everyone else's khakis so you won't be showing off. But wool will retain a nice crease, have a better drape and look sharp all day. They will pair nicely with any navy blazer.
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Originally Posted by red81 View Post

for "cheap" good quality dress socks, try the nordstrom house line.
Picked up 4 black 4 gray nordstrom socks, $7.90 each
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I tried on the zanella Todd fit, nice fabric and seemed like nice pants. I just was not sure about the fit, I'm use to lower quality brands in a slim fit size. I'm fine moving to a non slim fit trouser but will I be disappointed with the Todd cut as being to generous of a fit?

I know I said I just tried them on, but I haven't established the variable cuts yet and don't har the opinion of trying on other fits

Pants are aprox $140 at last call neiman Marcus
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lol. Just dress like politicians. 


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