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T-Mobile Scam/Legal Advice

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I need some advice. T-Mobile refuses to cancel my service because they falsely claim I agreed to a contract extension over the phone. I tried explaining that I never agreed to an extension but couldn't get anywhere with them.

What can I do? Are over-the-phone contracts even valid? What safeguard does a customer have against someone at T-Mobile (purposely/mistakenly) putting them on a contract over the phone? Is the $400 charge worth taking legal action?
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Probably your best bet is to make enough of a stink that they let you out. Talk to a supervisor and tell them you didn't agree to anything, ask them for proof. Keep escalating until you get someone who will cancel for you.

If that doesn't work and you already have a relationship with any attorney, you might find get him to write a letter for you for less than $100.00. That would probably do it.
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start complaining about shitty phone connection... keep complaining and they'll let you go
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Also, I should have told you to write a letter and send it certified. Those always get a lot more attention.
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Just stop paying the bill. If they try to hit your credit contest it and sue them under your state's consumer protection law. In PA you can collect treble damages for false reporting to credit bureaus.
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