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yellow blazer

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Alright so I'm new to the forums and need a lil bit of help. I found a vintage yellow lacoste jacket in my closet. I'm thinking of pairing it with a blue chambray shirt and indigo pants, but id love to hear if anyone has anymore ideas.
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Sounds pretty terrible. But pictures are necessary to know for sure.
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1048578_10151711128903249_1886828640_o.jpg. Fair enough. Here's the blazer. Everything is true to color
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Don't do it.
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leapyearlaze, welcome to Styleforum.
Nice jacket. Do you see the blue lighting tint on the door in the photo? It compliments the jacket. I would rock that jacket with a button down collared Sky Blue gingham shirt in pinpoint, poplin or broadcloth, and if desired, a knit tie in burgundy. A linen shirt can work too. Finish with white or cream linen pants, thin socks and shoes in the lighter coloured range with a complimenting belt, You could even wear a nice pair of spectators. Toss in an off-white linen pocket square (or one in silk with complimentary multi-colours) to complete the look.
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In my recent trip to Naples I have seen all over the city suits, trousers and odd jackets in yellow, mustard yellow and other yellow tone fabric . It looked good in the city but could not see myself wearing it in London
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I think a good idea in order to keep your closet curated and not jump on every impulse purchase you see (or closet revival in this case) is to constantly ask yourself 'where would I wear this.'

If you have particular events in mind you can match the outfit to the occasion, otherwise you'll have a closet full of things which might have (had) appeal but no utility.

It's fine to have a dinner suit for formal occasions, and maybe a light colored linen suit for beach side weddings, each of which you might only use once or twice a year. If you have unlimited space and funds, go for it. If not, use the above mantra to gauge the necessity and utility of anything.

If you decide to get rid, PM PT Williams, this kind of thing. Is right up his alley.
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Burn it
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Burn it
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Lol well thank you to those who advise me to get rid of it. But I think I'll keep it, as its cut perfectly on me, and color actually goes well with my akin tone. And thank you for the combination advise. I'm gonna look around to see what I can find
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