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The Wide Side


Do you have wide feet? Do you struggle to find dress shoes that fit you? Have you found the perfect pair, finally, and want to share your discovery with other people? This is the thread for you! It’s for people with wide feet. Yep. 


Your Fashion Blog Sucks


You suck at fashion blogging. You think you have sprezzatura? Do you think you’re just oh so fly GQ perfect? You’re not, and you actually have the literary capabilities of a tin bucket. Kill yourself. 


1000 Miles to Freedom


For a long time Wolverine was known as a dumpy boot brand that made Red Wing-esque shoes for construction workers (which, in and of itself, isn’t a bad thing, but this is StyleForum). Luckily, that profile is starting to change a little, and over the last few years they’ve revived their heritage style 1000 mile boots. Pretty awesome!