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How to make my feet look bigger?

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I'm 16, almost 17, and I have small feet. You're probably thinking "oh yeah small like 8, right?" you would be wrong.
My feet are size four, and I have to shop in the kids section, along with small feet I am very short as well, but that's not what my problem is. It's also really awkward and a punch to the pride when I go shopping with friends and they say I should wear a certain type of shoe then have to explain to them why I can't.

I just need to know what I should do to make them appear bigger, without wearing skinny jeans because their size, and my height make people think I'm twelve when I'm not.. Any help would be nice.
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Perhaps you could gain a lot of weight.
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Are your feet proportional to your height, at least roughly?
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They are still the same size that they were before losing 30lbs
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cut it out, no foot no worry... rotflmao.gif

 Just kidding, is u to your weight, don't loss it icon_gu_b_slayer[1].gif

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If you dress casually and often wear sneakers, then for example choose bulky Nikes instead of Vans. But don't wear light- or bright-colored sneakers, because they highlight foot size. Also, in all seriousness, you might want to talk with your parents and a doctor about human growth hormone.
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How tall are you?

Funny I was at nordstrom a couple weeks ago in the clearance shoe area which is sorted by shoe size. I was towered by every guy around me since I'm 5'8" and was looking at 11.5 to 12's. I think every guy was easily 6ft+
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This probably doesn't help at all but here goes: I'm of the opinion that 16 is just a sh*tty age when it comes to certain things. Having size 4 feet would be one of those things. I believe all you really need to do would be to tell your self "f*ck normal sized feet. I'm rockin' my size 4's"

If you haven't already, I suggest you watch one of my all time favorites, The Big Lebowski, and channel your energy to a happy medium between the Dude and Walter, both sufficiently not giving a f*uck in unique ways. You can wear whatever you want but sooner or later you'll realize live is just a giant (head) game. Besides, size 4 is small.. no way around it. Sorry for the questionable advice.
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Oh god, 2, posts, I'm being trolled aren't I. At least I feel warm and fuzzy for trying to help. nod[1].gif
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WOW, mine are MONSTERS compared to yours, i were a size 24   

(left=size24, right=size16, the sizes are bigger now, left=size27, right=size19. the good/bad thing is that there still growing!!! i want to have bigger feet, but the cost of shoes is high, yet, the person to the rights BOTHER have size 29!, (i WILL get bigger feet them him!!!))

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This site allows kiddie porn now?
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Originally Posted by Harold falcon View Post

This site allows kiddie porn now?

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