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Do you really want such big square shoulder padding?
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I think the padding's fine..for me it's the length of the trousers that needs trimming.
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Hey guys, I really appreciate all of the feedback. Sorry for the delayed response. Yesterday I was in travel, and today my wife and I start our 7 day stay in Aruba, so I am a little out of touch at the moment. Also, I know the pictures suck. My wife took them on my phone in a spare junk room in our house, and you can imagine, she wasn't as excited to take them as I would have hoped. I agree with all of the sentiments expressed here. Seems like the only thing for me to do is return this suit and go with suit supply. That being said, the closest Saks off Fifth is 2 hours from me. Does anyone have experience doing mail returns with them? And now that you have seen photos of me in a suit, what recommendations of a Suit Supply would you have? I do like a more fashion forward look- slimmer lapels, side vents. Not very traditional, but not runway either.
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Haven't you already wasted too much time searching and shopping? Suit Supply very likely would have the same fit problems. It's only a sensible option if you can go to a Suit Supply store and try suits on. Otherwise just buy, for example, a Brooks Brothers suit that's somewhat on the conservative side and have made it more fashion-forward via tailoring.
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Depends on how you define wasted. I am someone who 'needs' to wear a suit maybe 10 times a year, if that. I have tons of time, and I have rather enjoyed learning more about suits than I have ever known before by subjecting myself to this process. Thanks for the advice on going with the brooks and tailoring though. Not a bad idea at all. I was originally trying to stay under 500 all in, with tailoring too. I'm starting to think to get a suit that isn't fused that wears the way I want it too, I will have to spend around 500 on the suit and then pay whatever the tailoring costs and be proud of the results. Thanks. 

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The vents are gaping.
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