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pinstripe suit for interview

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Hi, all. I just bought this suit today,default,pd.html?dwvar_553K_Color=NVST&contentpos=2&cgid=0216


However, a friend pointed out a pinstripe suit may not be suitable for an interview (I am going to do a presentation in an academic conference and a few interview). My question is, does this one look OK? since the pinstripe is fine and subtle, kind of. The stripe does look more "obvious" in store than shown in the pic though.


Right not, the suit is in store for alternation, is it possible to call them and ask for an exchange for a solid navy one?

Or is it possible to return it after alternation? Thanks.

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I think it's fine.
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As long as the stripes aren't some inappropriate color, you'll be fine.

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Solid is ideally better for conservative interview dress, however as others have stated, a subtle stripe isn't really going to be a deal breaker. Don't think you can return it after it's been altered esp since there's nothing wrong with it. Don't worry about the suit and spend your energy prepping for the interview

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First, I own that very suit. Brooks 1818, Madison cut, navy stripe.

Next, while a solid suit is, in theory, preferable for an interview or presentation, as a practical, real world matter your suit is fine. It's conservative, business-like, traditional. If you don't get called back for a second interview or don't get asked to give a presentation at some future conference, it won't be because you wore the suit, okay? So don't worry about it; doing so will only cause you to second guess yourself, which will leave you feeling less confident when wearing it, which actually can be a problem.

All this having been said, the next time you're shopping for suits, pick up one or two solids. A solid navy and a solid medium-to-charcoal grey would be the obvious choices, assuming you don't already have those bases covered. Not because a conservative stripe is necessarily a problem, but because an argument could be made for a solid navy and solid medium-to-charcoal grey as being the classic "core" of a professional, conservative, business suit wardrobe. (Naturally, you'll want more than a single suit, no matter how nice, if you anticipate wearing it for interviews, at conferences, and so forth.)

But again - your suit will be fine. DO NOT worry about it. You did well in choosing it. Assuming the alterations leave it fitting you well, wear it and forget about it. (That's the real role of a conservative business suit, anyway. That you can put it on and forget about it, knowing that you've successfully addressed the suit issue. Ideally, the people with whom you're meeting - in an interview, at a conference, etc. - won't even have any clear memory of exactly what you were wearing. It'll be so "spot on," that they won't focus on it in any way, but will instead focus on and remember you, not your clothing.)
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It is absolutely fine and quite restrained.

It is you that is being interviewed not your clothes and I would doubt anyone on the Panel would even notice.

Just ignore your silly friend.

And no, you cannot return something after alteration unless defective.

Good luck
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Agree with all the's fine....
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Good luck with the presentation and interview. You'll look fine.
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Thanks, y'all

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