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I have had some Borrelli shoes. Some were made by Mantellassi, others were clearly Stefanobi.
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I saw these shoes in the Boston FB. Yes, the stitching is what the Itallians call Norvegese--all hand done. I bet they are done by Stefanobi, since the bottoms are similar and the other models Filenes basement had with similar stitching and finish were spitting images of Stefanobi shoes.
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Say it ain't so.. I'll have to check the Polo store at first opportunity... Since when?  St. Andrews was the maker, or so this board said.
I never paid much attention to the RLPL suits as I was never much convinced of the style that it tries to creat --- quasi English with Italian flair.  However, there's really not much to see in Hong Kong so I wandered into the suit section back in March or so and found the Purple Label Corneliani suits.  I even tried one on, and from my only experience of Corneliani (Sartoria, Super 150s) it feels pretty much the same (I always find Corneliani's shoulders a little stiff).  Saint Andrews would have a much more angular cut than Corneliani.  The suit was selling at around $2k, which is rare for Corneliani (around $1200). Going even further away from original topic --- yes, I am that lazy --- I just received my first Zegna Couture (the new label for Napoli Couture) shirt.  It's disappointing (even after multiple fitting), and it was at Kiton's price.  The new label reflects a new factory for the shirt, which is set up at the border of Switzerland and Italy (even for the Napoli Couture), and the handwork is cut to the minimal (only buttonholes and monogram are now hand embroidered).  It is still a very good shirt, with rounded shoulders and 3-dimentional body, but a machine-stitched shoulder.  The fabric is fine, and it comes with extra cuffs and collar, buttons are the same as before.  My older Napoli Couture shirts which feature hand stitched shoulders and other finer details have aged into a wonderful, soft fit, especially at the shoulders, which a machine cannot duplicate. The suit, however, retains its former excellence. You should be seeing the new label soon in the Zegna stores.
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One question - do you mean the size/content label or the Purple Label? I'm wondering if they might be Cantarelli rather than Corneliani - as I've seen RLPL sportcoats that were made by Cantarelli on several occasions.
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(I'm old enough to remember the times when grey shoes were in fashion; early 80s I suppose. I even had once a pair of grey Jodpur boots. Can anyone think of something more awful?)
These gray (bespoke?) Lobbs don't look so bad.
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