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I think the summer camp x mental hospital x Barbie bracelet really makes the whole look.
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dude, it's just silly, and not even because you look like a gargoyl with a barbie all you can drink bracelet in this picture. I'd leave ties to shirts and polos for other occasions.
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Originally Posted by acidicboy View Post
I'm sorry. That look requires you to stay at home for the evening. I can imagine parents grasping at their kids' hands tightly as you walk past them.

This thread is some high comedy.
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oh jesus man
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Team America Fuck Yea!
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Originally Posted by LabelKing View Post
That person appears to be some form of a human gargoyle.

Succintly put.
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LOL I don't know what clubs you go out to but I've never seen any parents with kids at mine... or walking in the streets when I am going there at 1am, not even here in NYC.

Billie Joe Armstrong with a thin white tie:

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Sorry, it is just a look that does not work. The possible irony of mixing casual and business comes off as just stupid.
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If there's a lesson from the picture above, it is that rock stars have it within their purview to dress in ridiculous ways. In their case, it is an acknowledgement of a sort that theirs is a ridiculous position and so they are entitled to express their awareness of that by doing ridiculous things.

But for anyone else, it's just plain ridiculous.
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It is no less ridiculous when fake punk rockers who drive Ferraris do it. It is universally ridiculous. I'm fairly tolerant in sartorial matters but...

At any rate, the OP smells of a troll...a Vaclav-esque troll, just not as skillfully done.
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Not a good look for look insane in those first 2 shots.

If anyone can pull it off it has to be either a knit or extremely thin tie. Taking a 3.5 blade silk tie and wearing it with a lands end polo = disaster

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THe BJA pic is also not a polo...
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Wearing a tie with a short sleeved shirt always looks terrible. Multiply that by a factor of three if the short sleeved shirt is a polo.
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