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Assistance for new member on hardwearing fabrics

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Please forgive me if this has been asked many times before.  New to the forum after reading sage advice via google searches in the past.

I am asking for advice on hardwearing fabrics for a suit that I intend to wear year round in Melbourne Australia that will be hard wearing.

Some context - I have a couple of excellent WW Chan suits in a VBC Super 140's recommended by Fiona at WW Chan's.  I admit they have had some pretty frequent wear over 1.5 years - but a bit frustrated that the sleeves are now shiny even though I am careful to take the jacket off when sat at a desk.  Want to order a couple more suits for fittings when I visit Hong Kong in December. 

I also have a Sports Coat in Harris Tweed that I bought 'off the peg' that I like because I love the tweed colours and durability - but is a bit 'chunky' on my frame.  I am bit overweight and stand 5'6'' with a solid frame (44 inch chest and 17 inch collar).  Any other suggestions for a herringbone fabric for a sportscoat for a winter temperature range of around 0 Celcius to 12 Celcius that would not be too chunky?  

I have just ordered a jacket in JJ Minnis Fresco II 0517 that I am hoping will be hardwearing for a midnight blue blazer.  Would appreciate comments on that choice also.

Thanks in advance for any responses for the new boy to the forum.

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Welcome. I have three herringbone tweed sport coats from Chan. Two in W. Bills fabric and one in Breanish. The W. Bills is tougher than the Breanish, but the Breanish isn't too delicate. Both are softer and lighter than the typical Harris Tweed.

The Minnis stuff is great. Have a few suits in that too. I think the Smiths Finmeresco, particularly the 4-ply, is more durable, but it's also more expensive.
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Hi Emptym,
Many thanks for the welcome. Also many thanks for the swift response to my post. The suggestions you have given will be a big help in pointing me in the right direction with fabrics and eventually the finished articles.
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