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Perfect Fit


As much as the provenance and price of clothing matters, it’s just as important that it actually fits (and looks) good. This thread is a place where you can post tailored clothing, and actual, working tailors, will critique your clothing fit and offer alteration advice.


The Choice is Yours


Unsure about that blazer that just got marked down on Yoox? Or just interested in judging others purchases? This thread is a home to all the buying insecurity in the Streetwear & Denim forum – what do you think? 




StyleForum has a lot of threads about a lot of cool boot brands (Red Wings, Viberg), and White’s is definitely the most authentic of the bunch. With shoes make famous by, and still produced for, fire fighting smokejumpers, they’re pretty awesome. And the variety in their MTO program is second to none.


B&S Finds


Venanzi Peccary Gloves



Comme de Garcon x Generic Man Sneakers, 43