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etsy leather jacket: buy or bye?

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'ukmerchant' on etsy has some decent (in my perception) looking jackets, and I feel like purchasing this one. In case I'm being extremely foolish for some reason obvious to someone who knows better (like people on this forum), please inform me. Thank you.


Seller says its Cowhide


http://www.etsy.com/listing/121508878/handmade-men-brown-leather-jacket-men?ref=col_view 150$



I spent approximately 3 hours total scouring threads reading/learning about details to pay attention to for leather jacket BUT 

this is my first one and I'm a broke medical student, so seems shouldn't be shooting for a belstaff jacket exactly....and seems convention is that you can't have both quality + style/fit......so I'll go for latter (barring quality isn't so poor that am overpaying). 



I asked seller detail as to the type of leather but his (seemingly unhelpful) response was as follows:
in leather grains can be different and the the cowhide and sheep leather difference

we use leather cow hide that is soft durable sheep leather i soft and more thin and more costly 

I have already assured you that you will love this jacket in this coat the quality is more the then the people expect in this cost Thanks




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You and me both. Im looking at this option as well and I have been asking the exact same questions to myself over the past weekend.

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can someone just elucidate the 'clear cut' reason why consensus seems be 'no' on this jacket? It's not obvious to me. 

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Pretty much a generic jacket mass produced and sold all over eBay. Cut may be good because Koreans are mostly slim, but it won't last you very long before the seams start to open.

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i don't have 800$ to spend on my first jacket. not helpful, friend. 

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