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Hey guys,

Right off the bat, it's my first time posting here (as well as my first time with the whole fashion deal)


I have this outfit set up, it's sort of basic. I was wondering if this is okay to wear to a Summer time date during the night to a somewhat expensive restaurant. I assume it's not, and if so, I'm wondering what I can wear instead for the shirt. I feel like this might be more for the fall, so what do you guys think?


The outfit currently consists of (as seen in the attached photo):


Light grey cardigan (on top)

Dark grey sweater (under cardigan)

Blue button down shirt (under sweater)

Raw denim dark-blue jeans

Black leather belt

Black double monk strap shoes


I would sort of like to keep the jeans and shoes, regardless of the weather.


Thanks in advance, and sorry if I posted this in the wrong section.