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Messenger Bag vs. Backpack

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I am looking for a new, stylish men's bag for use in college

I am between the LV "Michael" Damier Graphite Backpack or the "Daniel" GM Messenger bag.

I dislike wearing and carrying messenger bags, and I am in love with the looks of the LV backpack, but at the same time, I am afraid wearing a backpack will make me look unprofessional. Also, I don't think a backpack is as timeless as a messenger bag, and I might not be able to pull off the backpack look in 5 years.

Any thoughts? This is my first major luxury bag purchase so any advice would be greatly appreciated.

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That backpack is ridiculously overpriced ($2200? what the actual fuck) for what it is, and so is the messenger bag. They both have a generic check pattern and don't look like anything special. I would recommend getting a leather messenger bag a la (, which is appropriate for all occasions (class, work, etc.). 

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Spend (much) less and get one of each. See which one you like and use more. Consider buying a nicer version.

If you're gonna spend 2k on a bag though, you'd better have the Ferrari to go with it.
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I had the same dilemma and I chose Filson. Billy Kirk has some nice bags as well. 


I found LV, Prada and similar players to be dramatically overpriced and way too trendy for my needs.

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