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Zotta vs French American reweaving: Is one better or cheaper?

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Dear Folks:

Apologies if this has been covered elsewhere:

I'm wondering if anyone is cheaper than Zotta. I use her squad and they are great, but the charges are getting crazy.

Now, when I spot a hole, the next thing I see is 50 and 100 dollar bills fluttering around the room and out the window.

Is French-American any cheaper?

Are there any other alternatives in NYC?
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Zotta is cheaper than French American. I don't know of any other weavers in NYC that I would trust. Although, I had a pair of new pants with a small hole (a few centimeters wide) right below the waistband that I had taken to Zotta and she quoted me 60 or 70 dollars. I declined, took the pants to Wilfreds to get hemmed and I showed them the hole and asked if they could put a small patch from the excess cuff fabric. They said they's take care of it. I was expecting to see a small patch, instead, I could show you the pants right now and you'd never be able to tell where the hole was. I can't even tell. Cost was zero. Don't know if they reweaved or patched it from the interior somehow but I see no sewing or anything anywhere near where the hole was.
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I did a lot of research comparing reviews for re-weavers across the US, focusing on Zotta vs French-American Re-Weavers in NYC. I found a review mentioning Alice Zotta being in an assisted living facility and the state of her business in the care of others. The reviews were not good. They referenced the quality of the work and waiting long periods of time for the return of their garments or having to ask for the status of the repair after weeks or months had passed. I chose French-American Re-Weavers in NYC. I called Ron Moore at French-American and arranged to mail my husband's damaged suit pants to him for evaluation and repair, as I live in the Midwest. The suit pants were damaged when a local tailor let out the seam line along the rear rise and tore small holes in the fabric as the seam was released. Ron called me upon receiving the suit and quoted me a price for the repair. The total cost (including shipping both ways w/insurance) for repairing several holes ranging from small to about 1/2 cm was about $150. I mailed off a check and shortly thereafter received the suit via UPS. If the repair site had not been marked with red basting thread I would not have been able to see the repair. It was astonishing. The underside of the fabric shows a delicate and beautiful reweaving of threads that is the work of an artist. I have sewn clothing and done alterations all of my life and appreciate and recognize masterful craftsmanship. Considering the quality and size of the repair, the cost of the work was very low. I called Ron to thank him. He is quite funny and gracious. I highly recommend French-American Re-Weavers in New York City and will be sending any future re-weaving work there without hesitation. You should do the same.
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Thanks for starting this, mack. I tore a 2cm hole in a sweater that I like repaired. Casual sweater so I'm not too concerned about perfection. Best person for that? Anyone use these guys: SUPERIOR WEAVING AND MENDING COMPANY, 41 Union Square West, Suite 423 (near 17th Street and Broadway), New York 10003 (212) 929-7208 lefty
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In another 3 years, we'll all be in an assisted living home.
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These guys are the best. I have used them for decades, ask for keith, tell him i referred you.

or 1-877-806-9374
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I used to use Superior Weave about 20 plus years ago when I was living in NYC.  They were pretty reasonable and I could run my stuff into their 'offices'.


I called them about two years ago to get a quote for a pair of gray flannel pants w/ a 1/8th inch hole.  The quote was $150.  And that was from the owner.  Outrageous.


I eventually found a woman in the midwest who trained out of work women to microweave.  She was extremely reasonable.  I think the cost was more like $50.00 for the 1/8th inch repair.  She was not as great as Superior I have to admit, but w/o knowing and looking closely, you'd never be able to tell there had been a repair.  I unfortunately cannot find the name of the place I used.  But the moral of the story is there are more then two companies that provide this service. 

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Any recent recommendations for a moth hole in a suit?
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Columbo Invisible Reweaving in Boston, MA 02129

They are incredible!!!
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