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Warning for Ebay and Paypal policy on authenticity scams - Page 2

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LOL! This is hilarious...didn't even have the decency to use lube on OP.

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In order to reply to some of the questions:

Since this was regarding an Hermes item and the forum is what it is I was expecting some comments there thus no worries. I needed a new strap for my Quentin belt (would never wear the "H" belts myself) and figure I'd grab this one to replace it. I know there are a lot of Hermes fakes on ebay but wasn't aware of that they were faking receipts now as well. Also, I thought I was protected since I used Paypal. Big mistake indeed.

Regarding the seller. All the negatives he had before me was for Calvin Klein underwear. I own a pair of the model myself and they feel cheapish and could easily be mistaken for fakes. The model feel way cheaper than regular Calvins. The seller also had 900+ positives or so.

Why not take the easy road and put in a lot of work to assist the person who just tried to scam me? Had I known Paypal was systematically supporting scammers I would obviously have acted differently but at the time I did not know that was the case. Hindsight is always 20/20...
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Originally Posted by MikeDT View Post

What's the moral of this story? Don't buy Hermes from Ebay, in future buy from a Hermes store?
Actually, I thought the moral of the story was to never state anything as a fake when you open a case with Paypal as it isn't possible to win it (unless you personally know a SA who can state the goods as fake within the ten day timeline). Even though Hermes probably have the highest fake percentage on ebay this does apply to all premium brands.
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Seriously, the PayPal CS reps and everyone working there who make these types of decisions are idiots. I once had a case decided against me where the buyer admitted to me over Ebay's messaging service that he gave me the wrong address and it was his fault the item was "lost." Guy still filed a claim and they refunded his money out of my account. Took me months of phone calls to get it sorted out.
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I read online that the reason that PayPal now requires claimants to destroy counterfeit items is that a few designers sued PayPal over it. (Apparently they used to require that the claimant send the counterfeit goods back to the seller.) So if you can find out more info about the lawsuit, you can use that as leverage against PayPal CS. Threaten to make a big fuss about it to Hermes and all the other designers if you don't get your refund, get your refund (hopefully), and then make a big fuss about it anyway.

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