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Color of belt, shoe

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I know this is a stupid question, but here it is: I know that the color of the belt,shoe should match. But, my question is what do you decide first: the shoe or the belt. Once you decide to wear a certain color shoe, then that determines the color of the belt or vice versa. And, how do you know, when its appropriate to wear a black color, brown color, cordovan color shoe (belt). Its the color of the pants that decide this, correct?
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To the first question -- normally the shoe, I hope. However, be aware that when a shoe color stands out, the belt may even stand out more due to it being closer to eye level. To the second question, I think that both the pants and the shirt/jacket decide the shoe color. For example, I would NEVER wear a brown shoe if I were wearing a black shirt -- even if I were wearing jeans, etc. (Though some may disagree w/me here).
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I would think that the belt comes second; shoes are the more ostentatious item, while belts are definitely accessories. Plus, It is the buckle of the belt that makes it shine; the leather part of the belt is merely that, leather. Jon.
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