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Flaws in tailored shirt... Is this normal?

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I recently brought a shirt to the tailor for the first time, and wasn't quite sure what to expect. When I received it, I was surprised to notice what seemed to be defects in the fabric (which definitely wasn't there before). Here are some pictures:

Is this to be expected, or is this bad tailoring?

Also, the tailor didn't take my exact measurements and just put on some pins while I stood in the mirror wearing the shirt until it looked like how I wanted. Is this how it should have been? The shirt turned out still much baggier than I wanted, so needless to say, I wasn't too pleased.

Thanks for the info, and hopefully I will be more informed when getting shirts tailored in the future! Wish I had read up on SF before spending $20 tailoring a (fortunately, cheap Land's End) shirt that I'll never end up wearing...
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Pinning the shirt while you are wearing it is the correct way for the tailor to determine the fit you want.

If he did not follow the pinning you approved when he tapered the shirt, then yes it's his fault that the shirt did not turn out the way you wanted.

Not clear what you mean by defects in the fabric. If you mean the seams don't line up or aren't straight, that's not all that unusual in an altered shirt, but it really depends on the skill and experience of the tailor. A good
tailor wouldn't let that happen. Most tailors or alterationists aren't shirtmakers. Unfortunately, there aren't many shirtmakers left.

If you don't think the tailor tapered the shirt according to the pinning, you could certainly take the shirt back to the tailor.

In the future it would probably be best to try the altered shirt on in the shop before taking it home. Most reputable tailors will readjust work the customer is not happy with.

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I've had some low end oxfords altered and they did not exhibit these issues. Looks like poor work to me. Nothing out of the ordinary with regards to pinning though - it is standard practice. I can only imagine how this would have gone if he relied on measurements.
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Is it really worth throwing money at low end shirts? You would be better to get fewer better ones.
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Yeah I tried to tailor a LE shirt to see if the tailor was any good before throwing money at my higher end shirts. Thanks for the help everyone.
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