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Suit buying/fit advice needed

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I'm about to start the job search process, so I'll need a suit soon. I would like to stay under $500 or so for the suit. I'm light complected and have reddish hair. I'm 5"7' with kind of a stocky build, but not fat or anything. I'm a 42 short.


I went suit shopping today at Jos. A. Bank, and Dillards. JAB had some good deals, but all of the pants were pleated and extremely baggy. I tried on a couple of suits at Dillards, one Daniel Cremieux, one Ralph Lauren. I really liked the color of the Cremieux, but I tried the pants on and they were pleated and still too baggy for my liking. The slim fit Ralph Lauren was much cheaper, but the pants weren't pleated and fit much better. The overall build quality of the suit wasn't quite on par with the Cremieux.


So I've found out that I would prefer flat front pants that don't look like MC Hammer pants, but I can't go TOO slim on the fit because I don't think it would look right. The slim fit RL seemed, overall, just about right. Any suggests or guidelines would be much appreciated. 

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Was that Lauren by Ralph Lauren? If so, avoid. Also, approximate location, please?
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If you liked the RL suit and it fit perfectly, why not buy it?
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I don't think it was Lauren. I think it was just straight Ralph Lauren. I'm in Texas, an hour and a half north of Houston. Are traditional suits usually so baggy in the pants?

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Bring the pants to a tailor and have them taken in in the legs and seat.
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Not baggy but straight or tapered at the legs.
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How many more such threads do we need? Just started work, don't know anything about suits and have little money.

Try 101 or search.
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How much less discussion does the forum need? People do not share the same measurements, tastes, and location.

Try for
Brooks Brothers Factory Store, Hugo Boss Factory Store, and Saks Fifth Avenue Off 5th. There ought to be something of better value than what you've found so far. With reddish hair, charcoal would be a slightly better choice than (the only other appropriate standard interview color) navy.
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There just needs to be 1 superthread for this topic similar to "Ask a Quick Question..."

I've resolved to accepting most people don't use search functions in forums.
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