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Originally Posted by blahgspot View Post
I ordered from them recently--took almost 6 weeks to get the shirts. One turned out fine, though a tad wide (despite having used measurements from a tailored shirt). The other came out with such a tiny miniature collar that I can't even wear a tie with it! I selected "business collar," which in their visualizer appears to be a standard collar size, a tad less elongated than the traditional point collar. In reality, it is this tiny little collar that looks like a joke on a grown man's dress shirt.

I filed a complaint with them and got a useless email saying that it is "too expensive to fix" since it is made in Sri Lanka (funny, I figured the Swedes were having poor people make it cheaply in Asia, not expensively). Furthermore, I was told that I should have read a "knowledge database" that would have (?) informed me of the comically small collar. As a kicker, a condescending tagline from an "Ulrike Hansson" saying "Thanks for understanding" (Sorry, but I DON'T understand how your company can be quite so useless at making clear what a customer is getting). No offer to fix it, no offer for a refund.

In the end, considering that their fabrics are pretty crappy (I got an entry-level and a a mid-level oxford), I've realized I would have been much better off just buying a Ralph Lauren Polo at Marshall's for $29 and having it altered for $15, thereby saving me not only money, but time, and the bad experience of waiting almost 2 months for ill-made "custom" shirts...

I also received a poor fitting shirt from them. The yoke was off by 0.75" (that's a lot), the sleeve width by 0.5", and the waist by a full 1.0" (that's 2" of fabric!!!!!). These measurements were taken after one wash and press. I'm sure that multiple washings would shrink the shirt more, but I highly doubt that it would shrink 2" of fabric at the waist. I don't think so. And, just like blahgspot had noted, the collars are indeed a joke. They're very small and it does NOT come close to what is illustrated on their website. And mine had too much of a spread. Additionally, the monogram color did not match the shirt even though it did on the website. I even sent them pictures with a tape measure to prove my point.

Even though they accepted the return and issued a full refund, this Ulrike person added that he gave me the refund even though the shirt's measurements were correct after he washed it once more. BULLSH|T!!!! I guess he was doing me a favor? lol. Of course, Ulrike failed to mention the problems with the collar size, the collar spread, and the monogram color.

Come to think of it, he probably washed it in hot water and threw it in the dryer on high heat. Then measured the dimensions without pressing the shirt. is a joke...
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Has anyone tried their MOP buttons recently? How's the quality?
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Never had a problem with the quality or fitting of their shirts and their MOP buttons are quite nice.
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I'm very satisfied with especially their customer service, so I really can't relate to some of the posts here.

I would go as far and claim that they have the greatest customer service I've experienced so far online. I don't know who or actually how many people are behind "Ulrike Hansson" because they answer me within 30 minutes tops and are very very obliging. Either Ulrike Hansson is a polyglot caffeine junkie who is 24/7 online processing customer complains or it's a delocalized collective of people. "my ulrike hansson" speaks both German and English


I've had numerous encounters so far:


- on my first shirt I sized my cuffs two cm to large and even tough it was my mistake they paid the 14,50€ an alterationist took to fix it.


- one time I received the order of another person in the UK and vice versa he received mine from Germany. After I wrote a complaint, they said that I could keep the shirts I've wrongly received and they would send my actual order but would have to make it new entirely new. These shirts arrived merely 3 days later, so it appears they fast tracked it.


- last week I wanted to purchase a few fabric swatches with an order of two shirts but some of the fabrics I wanted to test couldn't be selected, so I left them out of the order and wrote the customer service, I also asked if it was possible to get a sample of their mother of pearl buttons. "ulrike hansson" replied within 20 minutes and said, that she could send me some of the swatches that I couldn't select, together with a sample of the MOP buttons. Since it was too late to put them with the order of the previous ordered swatches, she had to send them separately. One day later I receive two envelopes in the mail, one contains the swatches I selected with the shirts, the other one contains the additional swatches (7 pieces) and 2 small and 2 large MOP buttons. Everything was free of charge, the samples alone + shipping would have been ~5€


- another time I had to order from a different MTM tailor since I already own all the non wacky bright ass orange coloured plaid patterns they offer (big minus that they only have limited wearable fabrics) and wanted a chambray cloth shirt. Since the other online tailor used different measurement additions for movement ease I wrote TS to ask how much they usually change the chest, hip and waist values on my previous shirts. They replied within minutes with a 2 paragraph long explanation how my shirts are constructed and how they proceed when they manufacture. Really really helpful, so that the chambray shirt I ordered (from joebutton) was close to perfect, which is rare for a first order at any MTM tailor.


I've tried many many online tailors over the last couple years and tailorstore is probably the only one I still come back to once a month for 1-2 shirts. Mostly for basic white or light blue two ply shirts and the occasional casual striped or micro checkered shirt, since I'm not a fan of most of their other aggressively coloured fabrics. From approx. 40+ MTM shirts i've ordered over the last 2 years more than half of them are from tailorstore. On a side note, I frankly don't get why some people rave about moderntailor, since their shirts are constructed utterly crappy.


tl;dr tailorstore enjoys my absolute approval, both shirt construction, fabric quality and especially their customer service.


here is a picture of their MOP button sample they sent me:




The buttons are mottled on the back side and solid on the front, overall they look really nice and high quality. So far I've almost always opted for their Boiro or Tineo Ivory buttons, but from now on future orders will have these.

PS: no native speaker and no relation to the public relations department of tailorstore even though this post might read like a giant adulation.

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I took a big risk and ordered two shirts and a pair of chinos to take advantage of their "Buy two shirts, get one free pair of chinos" promotion. Do you guys think they'll agree to remake both shirts if they don't fit?

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Just got a new shirt from Tailorstore this past week. Their quality is as good as ever. You can see it in the Folded Shirt Pron thread.
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It's worth mentioning that their fabric swatches are really cheap compared to ModernTailor, etc. I got about 25 swatches for 15$, shipping included. unfortunately It takes about 2-3 weeks to arrive unless you opt for the more expensive shipping option. 

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Tailorstore shipping is slow compared to other, similar such operations (eg. Luxire and the like), but I've found their quality to be of a high standard and therefore worth waiting for.
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I'm really surprised by the level of costumer service I received. My first order (2 shirts and 1 pair of chinos for free as part of their promotion) had fit issues (which is too be expected) but they're still wearable. I emailed them and they gave me a a full store credit, including the current price of the free pair of chinos, and the $16 express shipping charges! They have a buy 3, get 1 for free promotion right now, so I ordered 4 shirts with my store credit without paying a dime. 


I kinda feel bad about this now. I paid $200 for 7 items, i.e. $28 per item. 

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Their service is excellent. Once you nail your fit down you're set. Never had a problem with them, am very happy with them overall.
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