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can i get a sha...zapatiste special in a custom fabric ? am thinking of some Kortrijk linen

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Yes but only if you admit you are miran!
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Oooh. This is certainly interesting.
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aaaaaah I'm in


zapatiste special sounds excellent

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Thanks for the exciting response guys!

Can you guys weave the thread into some sort of fabric tongue.gif
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I know a guy...

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-black on top
-blue (not avail) on bottom for comparison
-asian blazer for fun. i was thinking of asking him to make an unlined version of this in long and short lengths.. just gathering interest for this.

okay, so i just got back from my little meeting and here are the updates..
He is very focused on detail, quality, and exclusivity. He doesnt want to use the size chart because he will be creating a pattern for each person that orders
He said that I'll need to provide waist measurements (actual waist), along with length (outseam) and persons height. Id also like to have pics sent along with height/weight if thats ok.
The waist will measure 1 inch larger than your actual waist because of the oversizedness.
The hems will be finished with 3 inches left to be taken out.
He will adjust each size according to the waist and outseam measurements. THERE WILL BE TAPERS biggrin.gif dont worry. he understands that this drape and effect needs a taper.

now for the fabric. It is absolutely beautiful. im looking to order it in blue for a pair of shorts icon_gu_b_slayer[1].gif
its an all year round wool (100%). milled in Britain. super 130. textured weave, not tightly woven so its very breathable.
pitch black under artificial lighting and a slight charcoal colouring to it in natural light.
he will have to order 50 yards to get a good price on it. anything less and he will be charged retail.

now, my pair cost me 200 dollars to make because i chose something that he had ready on a bold. obviously with an order this size he needs to order a bunch of fabric and the cost will go up.

it will cost 255 CAD plus individual shipping. shipping also charged in cad.

be gentle! i am not toj nor was i ever planning on making these for the public. i am doing my best to accommodate everyone.

side note: his apprentices have heard of/browse SF and sufu!!!
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Super stoked for this and even more so now that they're sized individually.

Fabric seems perfect.


What do you have in mind for the shorts? biggrin.gif

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hmmm...shorts are prob not going to be avail at the moment because i want to have everyone who orders get a feel for the tailors style.
1 step at a time.

BUT... it would be a school boy short that hits right at the knee. i have a pair of my dads old pants that i converted into shorts some years ago. ill get around to a waywt pic. i showed my tailor them and he liked the idea.
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Originally Posted by snowmanxl View Post

he will be creating a pattern for each person that orders

That's really impressive. Getting excited about this
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Yeah, he wasn't interested in doing stock sizing. I thought it would be helpful but I guess that not how he does things satisfied.gif

So, whenever y'all are ready to order, this is what I'll need from you:
  • actual waist size (size down if you want it fitted round the waist, otherwise they will be made with an extra inch. Ex. if you're a true 33, he will make your pair a 34)
  • outseam length (top of waist band to desired length) pants will be finished with 3 inches extra
  • height/weight and pic for reference
  • payment. Shipping will be charged after I ship (will come out of my own pocket up front and then ill charge you exact amount to the penny)

I'm here for any questions one might have!
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This is a really cool set up, snow. I´ve bought way too many different kind of pants in the past months, but if the shorts become available, I´d like to throw some ideas so as to have something with that level of detail and craftsmanship for the summer.

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as you all know i am a sort of a Peir wu fanboy now. Peir and i have been chatting for a while and i think im headed to london sometime in july to intern/fetch iced coffees.
i recently went back to school for industrial design so this is a great opportunity for me.
ill have to put this pant project on the back burner for now because i dont want to rush or leave anyone hanging. i very much appreciate all of your excitement regarding this project.
i will definitely have to resurrect this project upon arrival...

i should add its not very long! i need to be back in school for sept and shes working on something elswhere.
ill be back late august. biggrin.gif
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that's awesome, man! congrats!!!! I'm sure we don't mind the delay :P
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